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Blackmedow Reach Rescue & Breeding

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Blackmedow Reach Rescue & Breeding

#227358 Posted on 2020-09-01 07:10:02

Blackmedow Reach

Rescue & breeding program!

Blackmedow Reach focus purely on throughbreds! For our breeding program we strive for breeding the best racers! We currently only focus on stats but in the future we may work for color and/or conformation!

Blackmedow Reach's rescue program will take up any unwanted throughbreds regardless of age, gender or speciality! Each rescue is treated, trained and while not showed are put into the riding school programs! Each horse will be available for adoption as long as they are younger then 20 years old, we also accept surrendered horses free of charge!(please read below to learn how to surrender your throughbred). Any foal in our program will automatically be trained and treated for a racing career and has a chance of being incorporated into our own lines!(if their stats show they are good for racing)


Blackmedow Reach's Breeding and Sells

Nothing available!

Blackmedow Reach's Rescue & Sells

Blackmedow reach has plenty of horses available ranging of all different ages and specialties! If you are interested in adopting feel free to take a look in this stable. If you see one your interested in you can buy them out directly through private auction! Prices range from 3k to 10k!

Click here for the Rescue stables!

If you would like to surrender your horse please message directly to ensure we have room! There is no charge to surrender your horses!

We also accept donations of treats, tack and EVD in order to keep the rescue going!

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