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Millions of EVD to Spend On Art!!

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Millions of EVD to Spend On Art!!

#227109 Posted on 2020-08-23 20:45:52

I have 40 Million EVD I am wanting to spend on art! I'm looking for Customs and Recolors of Siggies and Tags! Also looking for several Refs, both new and ones that need a little bit of updating (or a whole lot, lol). Please, include Examples of previous work (preferably in the type you are offering to do, not necessary of course with recolors :'D) and Prices for whatever you are offering! Note! I am NOT saying I will buy any and all art, so please wait until I contact you before starting something :D

Ref Sheets!
My friend Sib (#32471) gifted me these two characters and I am wanting to get them full sized refs! Let me know your prices on turning them into some :D Pyro and remember Sib must be credited on the ref as the original designer.

I'm wanting a new ref for Story Book, complete with her new name of Banshee. I get that she is complicated and I'm not expecting 100% accuracy, but as close as possible. Wouldn't mind if the artist decided to do a two sided ref and come up with what the other side looks like (would be totally up to you) but not necessary either :D

Also looking for new refs of characters that will be called Haru Glory and Elie Valentine. Here are images of both of them, if I pick you I will go over what each image is for as we move forward :D

First one would be one of Natsu and Lucy, with their heads touching, starry sky background.

Looking for multiple tags for my superhero characters, can be single horses, couples open to any pose, though would love some fighting ones as well. 

Looking for couple tags for these couples in particular! Jack and ElsaFirestar and FirestormNatsu and LucyMerry and Jingles, and Medusa and Poseidon.

First one would be four of my characters (Luke, Natsu, Firestorm and Jack) having a snowball fight. Luke would be on the left with green flag, Natsu and Firestorm in middle with red flag (Firestorm facing Luke, Natsu facing Jack) and Jack on right with blue flag, all behind snow forts, throwing snowballs at one another. All add-ons would be appreciated but willing to talk about it. A part of me had a fun thought of Luke smacking a snowball with his lightsaber, but open to ideas. This one would obviously be much more cartoony/unnatural :'D

I would love some with multiple horses on it for my superhero characters, couple type siggies, a fighting one or two, and just overall ones with multiple horses on it, I'm open to anything!

Family Art!
Can be tag or siggie, but these character families of mine need some love! Family one: MedusaPoseidon and Percy. Family two: CatmareBathorse and Robin

Shared Art!
I am looking for tags and siggies (custom and recolors) for the little horse family The Cryptic Cat (#7088) and I share. All art purchased will be/can be used by her too, just a heads up/letting you know she isn't stealing from me, lol. The characters are Banshee (mare), Phantom (stallion) and Ghost (offspring/colt). Please, as with everything, leave prices and examples!

I'm looking for a manip for a project on here. If I pick you, I will tell you more about it.

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