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End of September Updates

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We have a bunch of updates for you today!

Art Updates
Colorful splint boots are here! You can now dye splint boots using cloth dyes from the General Store. The default color of splint boots is silver. Please note that breeds with leg feathering (Friesian, GV, Clydesdale) have never been able to wear splint boots, so this update will not impact them.

Roan files for some breeds have been updated, to better match the roan that exists on other breeds - these include Appaloosas, Chincoteagues, Minis, Mustangs, Shetlands, and Tennessee Walking Horses.

Tennessee Walking Horse showing updated roan and wearing green splint boots

Moreno (the on-site files are called brownperlino) has been updated to be visually different from perlino, so you can easily tell the coats apart. Additionally, moreno dun art (files are called brownperlinodun) has been added, so this color will no longer display perlino dun art. Most of you voted for visually different moreno, so we have made this change, while keeping the moreno color name since it's familiar.

A new halter and flysheet color will be showing up in the upcoming Halloween event, so keep an eye out and enjoy!

Moreno Appaloosa wearing purple flysheet and halter

(If you don't see updated images for these art updates, please try hard refreshing your browser and/or clearing its cache to make the updated images show up)

Conformation in Showing
Conformation has been added to showing, which means all of that hard work breeding horses for conformation will pay off! Conformation traits now influence stats based on a horse's discipline.

If a conformation trait tied to a horse's specialty is better than the good conformation rating, that horse will receive a slight boost to the stat tied to that trait for showing. If the trait is worse than good, the horse will receive a slight disadvantage on the stat tied to that trait. There will be no advantage or disadvantage on good conformation traits; good is treated as neutral. The table below illustrates the details, with the exact percent in the range given being randomized:

Conformation in Showing
Awful-3 to -5% disadvantage to stat tied to trait
Poor-1 to -2% disadvantage to stat tied to trait
Good0 aka no change
Excellent+1% to +2% advantage to stat tied to trait
Perfect+3% to +5% advantage to stat tied to trait

The advantage/disadvantage is applied for each conformation trait tied to a discipline, so each of the four individual traits count. Which traits match each discipline was decided based on a combination of research into how each trait contributes to a horse's performance and a distribution based on using each trait a roughly equal number of times. Below are tables showing which discipline stats are tied to which traits.





Show Jumping


So for example, a dressage horse with a good head and knees will receive no changes to its intelligence stat, but if its neck is excellent its agility stat will receive a 1-2% boost for showing, and if its hooves are perfect it will receive a 3-5% boost to its agility stat.

Changes have been made to prevent foals being born with stats in excess of 5665 (the upper stat limit of the International 5 grade level); foals that would have stats higher than this previously will have their stats randomized in the 5000-5665 stat range, meaning they will still be born into the International 4 or 5 showing grade. This should help prevent continual snowballing of horse stats.

New seasonal leisure riding texts are here! These flavor texts will appear depending on the on-site season, so you will see some new possibilities show up, including some options for all seasons. Please note that there are no new item discovery/stat encounters, these texts are simply to add variety and fun to leisure riding.

We've increased earnings from showing, by adding increased sponsorship, which adds up to a 50% increase in the prize pool. The exact increase depends upon the number of entrants and the show fees. This should help shows produce more income for players showing their horses, rather than having them simply break even.

Bug Fixes
*Fixed a bug where riding school earnings for group rides were listed as giving $20/hour, but were actually giving $25/hour in earnings - this was corrected to $20/hour in earnings to match the information given
*Fixed 'horsename's energy seems boundless' typo in leisure riding
*Fixed forum search showing boards players shouldn't see
*Fixed 'Any' selection in the horse search for rescue center horses excluding rescue horses by default
*Fixed no option being present for searching flaxen gene by Ff or ff in horse search
*Fixed purple looking charcoal endurance bridle on Thoroughbreds
*Fixed a Grade Horse gene problem with A+At
*Fixed splint boots not showing in the wardrobe

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Posted on
2023-09-30 12:25:44


oooo this is big!! purple halters, new roan.... ? love them so much, and can't wait to try out showing with confo added! thanks for the horse search fixes ♥

Posted by

forgottenland (#121399)
30th September 2023 at 12:32:5

Loving this update!!

Though I have had just had a β€˜test’ foal born to my andies who are very high statted and the change appears to have effected the nss too.

This foal should have had an nss of around 90 based on the parents, and it was born as 48

Posted by

Willow (#122324)
30th September 2023 at 13:04:1

All the stats are scaled down with that breeding change for high-stat foals, so that's as expected.

Posted by

River (#51565)
30th September 2023 at 13:08:4

Great update, very excited for the changes! Also, can't wait to get me some purple halters!

Posted by

Olympea (#115391)
30th September 2023 at 18:04:0

A ton of updates today! These are great - thank you!

Posted by

«» Only the Wind (#55431)
30th September 2023 at 20:37:5

Purple halters and blankets?!?!?!?!?!?! Give them to me and nobody gets hurt!!!! #PurpleObsessed

Posted by

πŸ’œβ„±β„―π’Άπ“‰π’½β„―π“‡ (ℱ𝒒) πŸ’œ (#72812)
30th September 2023 at 23:42:1

Finally conformation can be used for something other than aestheatics ?

Posted by

F1orence (#134357)
1st October 2023 at 03:08:37

Really really really LOVE theΒ‘is update. It gives even more importance to other aspects of the horse and breeding way more interesting interesting. Not a big fan of showing but maybe after this update I'll try to focus more on that.

Posted by

Siconita's Spring Stables (#133757)
1st October 2023 at 05:34:54

Great work, loving this conformation update!! Can't wait to see it in work!

Posted by

Olivia (#28092)
2nd October 2023 at 05:59:13

I have never spent so much time going through my competition level horses and making this face ??? when a few have them have come up poor. Love the additional layer, however! Adds something else to work for.

Posted by

Niner (#5580)
2nd October 2023 at 17:44:50

Thank you for the update! Love it! It only makes sense that confirmation has an effect on showing, and while I wouldn't want it too challenging, it's nice to have a little more of a challenge to produce better horses. Excited about the splint boots too! I have a lot of tack to go through now... lol

Posted by

Aeromase (#126262)
3rd October 2023 at 13:01:18

I'm not sure I'm really crazy about the confirmation changes. I agree that horses might benefit performance wise if their confirmation and stats are good in their division but I fear that lower confirmation horses like Clydesdales will end up getting "Grade horsed" out of existence. I like a variety of horses in my stables but it can be very frustrating when some of the horses either start at too low a number when you create them or the ones with higher confirmation numbers are placed out of reach by various means. If you have any breeding tips please share them!

Posted by

Mickay (#124745)
5th October 2023 at 16:21:43

aw i loved the snowballing of stats :(

Posted by

Maple Leaf Academy 🍁 (#114746)
7th October 2023 at 15:29:48