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Valentine's Shop Items
We have added two more items to the Valentine's event shop for your enjoyment - pink halters and pink flysheets! Enjoy! :)

Bug Fixes
*Display errors in some western tack items were fixed (if you don't see a change please hard refresh/clear cache)
*Issues with riding events not functioning correctly were fixed

Policy Change
We will no longer be permitting cboxes (aka chatboxes, shoutboxes, etc) on the site, as their content is impossible for us to moderate - if you have any box like this on your page, please remove it as soon as possible, otherwise it may be subject to removal via a page reset.

New Hangouts
We're working on scheduling and some fun activities for our new monthly hangouts - thank you to everybody who has voted on the poll (regarding their timing) so far!

Find us on social media:

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Posted on
2021-02-03 15:43:41


Thank you!! ♥

Posted by

Oliver (#128271)
3rd February 2021 at 16:00:51

Sweet! Thx! RIP chat boxes.

Posted by

ɦօʀֆɛɢɨʀʟ (#124387)
3rd February 2021 at 16:03:18

Thank youuuuuu !!!!! Ya'll are the best

Posted by

Lady Valerian (#125844)
3rd February 2021 at 16:36:36

I'm not convinced that riding bug is fixed... I've just clicked "dismount" during beach ride and received ruby shard instead of a stat boost....

Posted by
ℒ🍓Lenka (#122784)
3rd February 2021 at 18:22:53

Did some more testing and these were the results:

"explore" and "turn back" in the fields, both bugged before, this time gave me a ruby shard and a message "returns safely to the path" respectively (no stat gain)

"pick it up" in misty meadow gave me a shard

in the forest: "explore and "search log" gave me shard; "search pile of leaves" gave me an apple

Posted by
ℒ🍓Lenka (#122784)
3rd February 2021 at 18:41:24

Thank you for the update!

Posted by

«» Only the Wind (#55431)
3rd February 2021 at 19:30:46

I dont think it's fixed yet either. I've clicked a couple different buttons while riding and they just go back to returning to the path and tell me to click to continue riding. No stats or anything recieved like its supposed to.

Also I'm new and didn't know you could even use chat boxes or whatever or how they are even done so It doesnt really affect me but RIP to those it does.

Posted by

Stormsong Manor (#128177)
3rd February 2021 at 19:44:32

Thank you very much! ????

Posted by

🌷CW Rescue Center🌷 (#118033)
3rd February 2021 at 21:32:11

There may be some confusion regarding the leisure riding encounters - encounters with a choice are not necessarily stat-giving events - there is a mix of stats encounters, random item encounters, and Valentine's event encounters.

The bug that was occurring was preventing button clicks from doing anything, and that has been fixed. Just because a choice does not give a stat event does not mean it is still bugged, however.

If leisure riding is completely not working for you, try switching browsers, as that feature is not compatible with Internet Explorer or Edge.

Posted by

River (#51565)
3rd February 2021 at 22:45:48

Choice buttons has always given us stat boosts, since the day they were introduced to the game. I received stat gain every single time until it got broken after introducing shards into rides. I'm talking about buttons like "explore", "turn back", "dismount", "go around", "find another way", etc. They always gave stat boosts, with no exceptions whatsoever. After the current fix they give shards or nothing. I hope they go back to giving stat boosts (just as they always did) after Valentines event is finished.

Posted by
ℒ🍓Lenka (#122784)
4th February 2021 at 05:36:12

There's now another bug. After choosing misty meadow, the first click gives a message: "you've arrived at the misty meadow", the second click delivers a message: "you have zero turns left". It has happened to me twice in a row.

Posted by
ℒ🍓Lenka (#122784)
4th February 2021 at 06:08:48

Choice buttons don't always give stat boosts, I know because I was part of the team that wrote them heh. Some give treats and some are just flavour text to interact with while riding which were introduced long before the stat choices were added.

Once the event is finished the site will function as normal, no reason why it wouldn't.

Posted by

maplɛ (#37708)
4th February 2021 at 06:41:33

Nicely done EV team!!

Posted by

Jocelyn Newman (#127895)
4th February 2021 at 06:49:33

Thank you! ?

Posted by

Yesteryear (#128310)
4th February 2021 at 07:07:55

My earlier point was that certain buttons, which always gave stat boosts (e.g. "explore"-"turn back" duo always gave stats irrespectively of which one was chosen). Then the fix changed their "behaviour" (e.g. one was giving shard or apple another nothing).

Posted by
ℒ🍓Lenka (#122784)
4th February 2021 at 07:27:37

Thank you River and the rest of the EV team!! :D

Posted by

Whispering Oak’s (#123644)
4th February 2021 at 12:25:30

Current issues with riding are being caused by a server problem, which is under investigation.

Posted by

River (#51565)
4th February 2021 at 14:30:45