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Listening Session Update

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Listening Session Update
Heyo everyone! We just wanted to give you a little update regarding listening sessions - we will be putting them on pause for the rest of the year, so there will be no sessions for November or December, as we are taking a break!

We've had a lot of good, productive feedback over the course of the 14 sessions we have now held and need some time to process all of it, and want to have a break for everybody so you can thoroughly enjoy the holidays. We will be reassessing the listening session format and will come back with a new, updated version starting in January!

A big thank you to everybody who has participated in these sessions, your feedback has been a big help! :)

Also just a quick reminder, the Fall Leaves event will end on the 30th just before midnight site time, so be sure to trade in your pristine leaves by then!

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Posted on
2020-11-25 12:26:42


OK, but can't and won't join.

Posted by

ɦօʀֆɛɢɨʀʟ (#124387)
25th November 2020 at 16:04:06

Where do you join?

Posted by

Unigirl1 (#127934)
26th November 2020 at 03:22:31

how do you trade in the leaves?

Posted by

StarQueen (#127914)
26th November 2020 at 16:39:22

StarQueen, go to News and you'll see Event in the drop down menu. Click there and you'll find it on that page.

Posted by

нєямєѕ ѕтυ∂ (#28950)
26th November 2020 at 18:09:21