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New Credit Items!

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Heyo everyone! New credit items are here!

Face and Leg Marking Randomisers and Applicators
We have four fun new items waiting for you in the Credit Shop! Now you can choose to set face and leg markings randomly, or (if you like blazes or four white socks on your horses, or something else) you can apply them however you like!

Here are the new item names:

Face Marking Randomiser
Face Marking Applicator
Leg Marking Randomiser
Leg Marking Applicator

(Preview of using the Leg Marking Applicator)

Along with this update, we've tweaked the way leg and face markings are displayed on horse pages, so no marking will simply display as “-“ rather than none. A bug which allowed leg markings to be selected for Friesians in the custom horse creator has also been fixed.

Tack Colors!
And more happy news - the first installment of the Tack Colors implementation, which is dressage tack, is ready to go for our next update!

Keep an eye out for the coming update - it's time to start planning those tack customizations! :)

Happy EVing!

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Posted on
2020-10-05 09:53:00



Posted by

ᵍ ᵒ ᵃ ᵀ☀ (#127269)
5th October 2020 at 09:53:22

Very exciting! :D

Posted by

CornaGamorna (#120358)
5th October 2020 at 09:54:19


Posted by
Granada Quarter Horses (#100089)
5th October 2020 at 09:55:02

Great, thanks much! Can't wait customizable racing tack... :3

Posted by

Olivia (#28092)
5th October 2020 at 09:55:49

Can't wait for more colored tack!!

Posted by

Rosewood Manor Equine (#121791)
5th October 2020 at 09:56:01

Tack colors!!!!!! I'm, of course, going with Purple!!!!

Posted by

💜 𝓕𝓮𝓪𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓮𝓭 💜 (#72812)
5th October 2020 at 10:19:47

Nice! :D Thank You for the update!

Posted by

Thunder (#116321)
5th October 2020 at 10:28:57


Posted by

Juniper (#126907)
5th October 2020 at 10:49:53

Yay! Finally, some fun new updates! It would be cool for a new breed to be added to the game though. (just an idea)

Posted by

HorseGirl (#124387)
5th October 2020 at 11:00:46


Posted by

.ethi (#127333)
5th October 2020 at 13:02:53


Posted by

Revv (#110269)
5th October 2020 at 13:34:10

Will hackamores be added at some point? :o

Posted by

Caitlin (#127091)
5th October 2020 at 14:48:16

There are no plans for adding new breeds, only crossbreeds are planned but we don't have art or anything for that yet, so it's a long way off.

Posted by

River (#51565)
5th October 2020 at 15:32:41

Very nice! Thank you!

Posted by

«» Only the Wind (#55431)
5th October 2020 at 19:31:18

Ooooh, love the tack customization. Can't wait for racing colours

Posted by

SkyChild (#126464)
6th October 2020 at 00:30:35

-counts money- not sure how much I'm going to go through but I can't wait to see what we get! Customizable colors for tack is amazing. C'mon next update!

Posted by

Niner (#5580)
6th October 2020 at 12:38:44

Sounds good cant wait to do it eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekk!!

Posted by
rainy (#127365)
7th October 2020 at 08:47:56

Awesome!!!! This is going to be fun! :)

Posted by

🎃 CW Rescue Center 🎃 (#118033)
16th October 2020 at 07:45:39