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Hey guys!

I'm Ducky #90651. I am a friendly person, and always accept friend requests. About me:
  • I love Star Wars
  • IRL I have a QH gelding, 4 Oberhasli goats, 20 somthing chickens, 2 parakeets and a rabbit.
  • I am the owner of the EQHA, and the admin of the SPC and Specialists Extraordinaire
  • I love ducks
  • Attached to every pixel pony I have
  • I am very active in the forums
  • You could say I do art... maybe...
  • I love messages and chatting, feel free to message me if you need to vent or just want to chat. c:
That's me... in a nutshell.

Plushes I (desperately :P) want to obtain:
  • Thanksgiving 
  • Easter 
  • Palomino
  • Pinto
  • Birthday
  • New Years (can you even get these anymore??)
  • Gray
  • Rainbow

(icons by Bronzehalo on DeviantArt, coloring by wey #94343)

PitaPata Horse tickers


I've been practicing digital art a little while now, I'm a beginner at it so I don't really sell my art, but am interested in sales once I've improved. c:
To Do:
  • Characters for Bonnie
  • Make/Hire someone to make Acadea and Brook icons (PM me!)
  • Make 2 characters for Crescent Creek Stables
  • 3 characters for Tall Oak

  • Rules for owning a Ducky character:
    - You may not sell for more than you paid
    - You may make small changes, minor add ons and such
    - Keep all credits on the image
    - I'd prefer if you didn't use the character on other sites, so message me before you do!
    For Sale:
    Cheerios (chincoteague filly, 500 stats) Falling Star (chincoteague filly 400 stats)
    Currently my horses are sort of all over the place, I have lots of different divisions with different breeds, I sort of go in phases of what divisions and breeds I want to focus on at that time, then unlock them accordingly. I have Andalusians in dressage for stats, Miniatures in dressage for stats and color, Chincos in Endurance & SJ for color, GVs in any discipline you can think of for nothing in particular, QHs, who are currently in the same division as GVs, I only have a few and I don't currently have a focus on them right now. I soon plan on working on them, but haven't had the time yet. Then of course I have my SHETLANDS, my fave breed on EV, the breed of my first few horses.  Currently I have a large division of them from years ago who I have locked since I can't part with a lot of them, a division of shetties in all disciplines for color, and a line of western shetlands from foundations. Then I have my Welsh Ponies in Dressage, Racing, and Show Jumping for color, and a line of GVs with silver, and in the same division I have some Appaloosas with Overo that I never really got back to after I started the line about a year ago. I need to work on that and neaten it up 😂

    Feel free to message me about sales/studs/broods etc. with my horses even if they aren’t up for sale/stud.

    On Oct 2nd, unlock the GV & QH division, lock up Chincos, cut down on GVs, stock up on QHs, set breed plans for both breeds, try and get it to maybe 7 GVs and about 8 QHs, and pair them up. Probably work on them for a month or two, then work on my silver GV & Overo Appy division, probably sell the Appys (keep on the lookout for that!) and maybe move the GVs from the QH & GV division into that division, and turn it into the GV division, and turn the GV & QH division into the QH only division. (Welsh Key:  = Racing -  = Dressage -  = SJ)
    Coding by Kala; Images from

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