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Cosmic Bird

"♪ tell me how you feel about me ♪"


Hello there! My name is Cosmic Bird, or Bird is what most people choose to call me. I've gone by many names on EV since joining 7 years ago, but 'bird' was always in the name.

  Pronouns: She/Her


Color: lavender purple
Candy: all things chocolate
Fruit: frozen grapes
Animal: wolves & bears


Astral Realm has a multitude of stables based across the world, each specializing in its own breed and discipline. Our current mission is breeding our lines for specific coloration with conformation taking priority as well as having clean lines. Currently at our stables we have Dressage Akhal Tekes, Western Quarter Horses, Endurance Clydesdales, Dressage Trakehners, Racing Thoroughbreds, and Dressage Nez Perce Horses (Akhal Teke/Appaloosa).

Akhal Tekes:
Akhal Tekes are one of the long standing breeds here at Astral Realm. We started out with a line of show jumping Tekes, but later switched to dressage. Our main focus with them currently is color. The color we are looking to achieve is Sabino with the Cream gene. Our second priority is conformation which, dare I say, is a task for me. 

Quarter Horses:
Quarter Horses have always made their home here at Astral Realm, having dabbled in Dressage, Show Jumping, Racing, and Western. Although, Western is are real heart when it comes to showing them. We focus mainly on keeping solids in terms of color, but our main focus with our QH lines are 1. keeping them clean of line breeding and 2. perfect conformation. Stat points are our lowest priority.

Clydesdales are our newest editions at Astral Realm. We strive for them to be in Endurance, however, we focused mainly on breeding out the Sabino and having only solid black in our lines. That was easy enough to achieve in two or three generations.

Trakehners are another new edition to our stables with our direct focus going to improving the conformation of the breed. As they are new in our lines, there isn't much to say upon them. 

Thoroughbreds have always been just an experiment breed within our stables, having kept them on and off when we wanted something a little different to work on. We've had them in mostly Show Jumping or Racing, our current lines in Racing and hoping to stick with that this time. We hope to have double Sabino in our lines for color.

Nez Perce Horses:
With the addition of Grade horses to the game, we hopped on the opportunity to bring our own breed to the game that exists in real life and is created from the already existing game breeds. Thus, the Nez Perce Horses being an addition to our stables. We strive to only have Akhal Teke and Appaloosa in their bloodlines, as that is what traditionally made up the breed. Our main focus with them is having the blanket of the Appaloosa that they are so well known for in real life.

Svalek Trotter:

The Svalek Trotter is of my own creation, a cross between Thoroughbreds, Arabians, Morgans, and Andalusians. I simply felt the need to create a horse breed of my own to play around and have fun with. My intentions are to create this breed to be an all around type horse. One that can be thrown into all available disciplines. I plan to start small and only have a select registry of such horses scattered among the disciplines based on where the foundation lines fell. Eventually, I want to offer the Svalek Trotter to the public to introduce having fun creating breeds on the game.


Here at Astral Realm, we provide breeding services to some of our quality stallions to the public. Since we limit our stallions' breedings to 10 foals in their lifetime overall, many stallions are retired out pretty quickly from open studdings. Currently, we do not offer any of our broodmares for public breeding, however, custom breedings between my mares and stallions can be arranged upon request.

I do occassionaly take up custom art orders, although currently it is a rare occurrence with me juggling school and trying to graduate from college at the moment. You can feel free to message me about doing a custom order but I cannot guarantee that I have the time to do it, so don't get offended if I say no.


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[1h] - working welsh ponies - LOCKED 8 horses
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[2a] - western broodmares - LOCKED 7 horses
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[4f] - driving progeny - LOCKED 13 horses
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[8a] - retired - 9 horses
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