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"Breeding Quality Western Horses since '07"

Dothraki Stables
We breed our horses to the public starting at 15 years old for established lines. Mares will be bred 4 times. Stallions may be bred up to 6 times. A list of current and upcoming stallions and broodmares is coming soon, so check back!

Boarding: $10 per week - Dothraki Boarding Stables
Training: $20 per session- Dothraki Training
Dothraki Riding School
200 Shows Hosted Per Day

The general price I'm looking for is 8k per 100 stats. A little higher if there are desirable genetics or excellent conformation in the mix. It is highly unlikely I will accept bids that are far below that.

A lot of stock is currently for sale, most are foundation or from my foundation lines. Varying ages and colors.
Please visit Dothraki Sale Barn

My public studs and broodmares are usually available once they hit age fifteen. Sooner if it's a new line I'm trying to establish. Studs can be publicly bred up to 6 times with mares up to 4 times. My normal breeding fee is 5k per 100 stats. List coming soon.

Dressage: Yellow Apple/Green Apple
Driving: Turnip/Red Apple
Endurance: Turnip/Green Apple
Racing: Turnip/Carrot
Show Jumping: Yellow Apple/Carrot
Western:Green Apple/Carrot

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