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Just a normal girl who grew up in a small town. My passion is horses, drawing and photography( nothing serous just me and my iPhone).

At a young age I have always loved horses, they just fascinated me. I would study them and by the time I was entering high school, my family finally had enough space for a horse. MY very own horse. Sidney. She changed my life more than she would ever know. I loved that horse with my whole heart and more.

The day came I saved up all my funds, worked my tail off for this one Saturday, the Saturday of the horse sale! I wanted everything to be perfect, we went to the feed store before heading over to the sale barn to grab a new halter, lead rope and some last minute things. As we were checking out, I get approach by a women who introduces herself, and say that she has the perfect horse, and if we would like to come see her we were more then welcome.

Of course I would love to see the horse. Come to find out she was a varnish roan quarter appy filly. she was nearly three years old and I tell you, it was love at first sight. she was perfect in every way, like she was created just for me. Me and this horse were inseparable.

Over the course of the next few years I had Sidney riding and competing in local "fun shows". We had some big battles to get through together but we never gave up, she was one tough mare. she survived a dog attack, tumors that the vet had to remove, pulled muscle in her leg.

In high school we have FFA( future farmers of America) well we had to have an FFA project that we work on in the course high school. well you guess it, mine was revolve around horses. my project was to bred Sidney and raise and train her foal. And I did just that. I picked out the PERFECT stud, he was a few spotted appaloosa. He was BEAUTIFUL.

I remember this day like it was yesterday. 11 months later at 5am on 04/017/2009 ... we get a call from our barn saying that Sidney is down and is in labor! There is no time to wait, I'm absolutely not going to school that day. I rush to the barn which seem like it took hours. I see Sidney standing next to a stunning black colt. I can not contain my excitement. I rush over. Sidney have given birth to a seal brown snow cap appy. Jasper.

This is the part that is hard for me to write. Jasper was more then just a horse. He was my soul mate, my heart horse, my best friend, the ear that would always listen or a shoulder I could cry on. Our bond was something out of this world. I only had the pleasure of Jasper in my life for three very short years. Until a freak accident took him from me. I rocked Jasper to sleep for the last time on 09/08/2012.

We have had many horses for the course of my young self( pre kid) But these two. these two will forgive have my heart. I will forever be grateful for the many life listens they have tough my.

I am now 28, and my life has taken a full 180 degree. I now live in a big city, don't own any horses, but my love for horses will continue to live on in my art.


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