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"Writing, working, and stressing"

~Welcome to my profile!~


I'm looking forward to getting invested into this game as well as making some new friends.

*I do accept role-play requests depending on the topic.

*I'd love to make some friends.

*I'm still new so this page may be all over the place. As I get more experienced, I'll come back and re-edit it. ^~^


It's great to be here!

Account Information
Member Name Snow
Member ID 132517
Account Type Deluxe (94 days left)
Joined March 23, 2022
Last Active 2022-09-30 09:53:11
Member Information
Money on Hand $891,144
Money in Bank $3,912,755
Player Level 9
Horses 47 / 60

Player Points
Yesterday 31066
This Week 117380
This Month 342914
All Time 371238
Show Winnings
Yesterday $8,669
This Week $33,087
This Month $81,579
All Time $83,876

Member Level
Level 9 Experience 46960 (28%) EXP Required 163066 EXP Left 116106

Snow's Horse Divisions
Andalusian Division | High Ratings 9 horses
Trained today
Grade Babies 19 horses
Trained today
Gypsies <3 5 horses
Trained today
High Rating Division 4 horses
Trained today
My Babies <3 10 horses
Not trained today
Retirees <3 0 horses

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Equiverse Performance Association

The Coding Club

I Own Too Many Characters Group

Clydesdale Club

The Andalusian Federation

Equiverse Grade Horse Federation