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"Free horses available! See note on page!"

Welcome to Lazy A Performance Horses where we strive to train and show International caliber Dressage Andalusians and Western Quarter Horses. Lazy A Farms emphasizes a balance between high overall stats, low NSS, and high conformation.

Following their show career, select mares and stallions will retire to Lazy A Stud Farm (#132117) for public breeding. Studs will be retired after a maximum of 6 foals and mares after a maximum of 4. This number may be lowered for individual horses at my discretion. Breedings may be reserved in advance, just message #132117 and you will be notified as soon as the horse you would like is available for breeding.

Select mares from Lazy A Stud Farm are also bred each Spring, so look for sales at Lazy A Yearling Farm (#122996) 

Looking to downsize and make my herds more manageable. Horses with {$} after their name are horses that do not fit into my breeding program and only planned to show. I'm happy to give them away for free to new players (less than 1 year) where they may be found useful. Just message me with the names of any horses you may be interested in. Thanks!

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