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"Horses for sale"

I love my paints 😍🥰

If you have any you don't want and they have good stats and you tell me if they are gelded or not I'll take them but plz don't send them without me knowing I will take other breeds just let me know what breed it is thank you 

If you ask about a horse with tack and I say yes all tack will be removed unless you pay a little more for the tack. If you see a horse you like and it's up for sale but u don't like the price just text me I will work something out with you

All horses that are in the sale stables are for sale 

All stallions at the age of 18 will be gelded all Mares will be no longer used for broodmares at the age of 18 I do not breed over the age of 18 because horses on here do not usually live longer than 21 so if you ask it will be no if they are 18 years old please respect what I am doing with my horses they are mine thank you

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