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"Hello ^^"

Heyo, Yuki here!

I'm a girl from Canada who has spent over 15 years around horses. I have done everything from jumping to reining. I prefer western and currently ride a paint gelding named Jester.

 I have a love for all things related to animals, genetics, and anime (if you can tell by my tag - Kyo from Fruits Basket). I also love drawing and watercolour as well as reading and video games. 

On here you can find me breeding and collecting Lipizzaners and Quarter Horses. Just look for the 雪 mark. 

All my horses go for private auction when up for sale. Just bid your best offer, I'm not too picky. If you are looking at one that isn't for sale just shoot me a message. All my stallions are open for public stud. Shoot me a message if you want one of my mares for brood. 


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