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🐾Creek's Stable🐾

"4 Horses for sale!!"

                                                         🐾Hello! Welcome To My Stable🐾                          

                                                                      🐾Owner's Info: 
Hello! My Name Is Faythe but i like to be called Faye, Marie Or Even AnimalLovers Would be fine If u call me anything other then what i said you could call me I will Report You! So Please Call Me What i say you can call me. I'm Living In V.A. 

What Age Are You?
I'm 15

When Is Your Birthday?

What Year Were You Born?

What Grade are you in?
 I'm in  9th Grade

Are You In Elementary,Middle or High School?
I’m in High School

 What Is You Gender?
I am A Female! 

Do You Have Any Pets?
 Yes! I Have Lots A pets 
1 Dog!
3 Cats!
2 Guinea Pigs!
1 Gerbil!
1 Koi Male Beta!

Lots of Fish now when i say Lots of Fish I mean LOTS.

                                      Owner's Private Message Settings(RULES)!

                                               Can I Private Massage You?

Yes You May PM Me If you would like to But DON'T BEG for ANYTHING. You May Tell me if you like Something or a Dog of mine But if I say NO that Means:I am not getting rid of the Dog(s) & or The Thing You Liked.Now if I say Yes To The Dog(s) & or The Thing You Like I will Transfer it to You. 

                                            Can I Send You A Friend Request?

Yes You May But if u are just friending me because I'm GIVING Or SENDING You Stuff DON't Send Me a Friend Request or if u are just friending me because you think i will give you things DON'T!! 

                                            PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING: 

If I'm NOT ANSWERING You.You Probably DIDN'T Follow My Private Massaging Rules Please Go Back & READ them Carefully!!

 For Sale-Thoroughbred Stallion 

For Sale-Thoroughbred Fully

For Sale-Quarter Horse Colt

For Sale-Tennessee Walking Horse Stallion


                      Horses Tack!
if you want the tack for the horse as well then the FEE For That is $80 for the Bridle,leg bands & Tail Wrap(Gard)   If you want the Saddle The FEE for That is $100 If you Want the Bridle,Saddle,leg bands & Tail Wrap(Gard) & Background the FEE is $1,000-$10,000. If U Would just like the background and the horse w/no tack it will be $3,000

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