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"Loving EV!"

Account Information
Member Name Frostlaced
Member ID 126645
Account Type Basic
Joined June 29, 2020
Last Active 2020-09-26 23:24:48
Member Information
Money on Hand $506
Money in Bank $590,000
Player Level 10
Horses 63 / 65

Player Points
Yesterday 5910
This Week 50994
This Month 244042
All Time 560720
Show Winnings
Yesterday $5,825
This Week $56,621
This Month $193,357
All Time $359,595

Member Level
Level 10 Experience 143025 (72%) EXP Required 197310 EXP Left 54285

Frostlaced's Horse Divisions
$ For Sale 3 horses
Trained today
Akhal-Tekes 12 horses
Trained today
Arabians & DWBs 7 horses
Trained today
Friesians & Appaloosas 14 horses
Trained today
Locked LOCKED 27 horses
Not trained today

Club Memberships

EV Jump! Guild

Gypsy Vanner Club

Cream Horse Society

Equiverse Dressage Federation

Akhal-Teke Club

American Morgan Horse Association

Equiverse Driving Association

Equiverse Color Association

Appaloosa Club

Friesian Club

Arabian Horse Dressage Association

Endurance Akhal-Tekes (EATs)

Preferred Specialties