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"Check out SALES, decent horses & more to come."

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Twelve (12) horses in the sale division! Maybe you're interested in buying a horse, and if so, I am cleaning up my herd with rough hand. There you go, straight link to them

If you have any questions about the sales or studs, broods or just need someone to chat with, I'm always happy to talk and share the game stuff with others!

¬ A B O U T  T H E   H O R S E S

Endurance Morgans 

With my endurance Morgans I want to start from the beginning, building up my own bloodlines using foundation horses and public studs to avoid too much lining. Increasing their stats and conformation foal by foal by time.

Western Morgans 

I actually don't know what to do with these. There are tons of good breeding material for western specialised Morgans but I'm still a bit uncertain of the fact that do I want to breed one discpline per breed or multiple.. But the studs and mares are for public use so at least they don't have to go wasted If I decide to ditch them.

Dressage Arabians 

Arabians are kinda the same than Morgans mentioned above. I want to build my own bloodlines, focusing into good stats / conformation and trying to avoid the grey color (which is challenging with Arabians). As the time flies, I hope in a few months to have a wide variety of studs and broodmares with  at least 70+ conformation and decent stats.

Dressage Andalusians

Andalusians are my latest add to the herd because I got an amazing chance to discuss and choose the best quality horses for starting my own breeding program without having to worry about increasing their stats or conformation. I just want to have fun with them, breed high stat dressage stars and look for interesting colors among other things.

Western Appaloosas

Appaloosas are the biggest herd of the same breed in the Northern Ranges facilities. With them I have been using horses with multiple generations for breeding and I'm aiming to breed top quality western Appaloosas with high stats and conformation, not forgetting all the pretty colors along the way.

¬ N O T I C E   B O A R D


I'd like to introduce you to a new club I put up lately because there didn't seem to be any club with the same goals. The club is called Amateurs Helping Amateurs which conveniently shortens to three letters: AHA My vision is to offer a safe, supportive community for ppl like me who are just beginning to understand the game mechanics. It suits for those who have returned from a long break and need some tips of how to do Equiverse today. All people, no matter what you breed and why, are welcome and after the club increases It will develop as much as possible and you will be able to effect which way this club goes.

I'm searching for a layout coder, buying it with reasonable amount of EVD. Look here for the details, there's the color scheme and self-made sample of the layout I want. It is very simple but too much for me. 

¬ C H A R A C T E R S  &  O T H E R  A R T

All art is made by me if not mentioned the other way. 

Andromeda's Gift "Roman"  Appaloosa-mare-my-oc

WTE'S Braveheart "Bailey"   WTE-s-Braveheart-20200911181737

Tag from Tall Oak #123644   Tag-If-Bailey-by-Tall-Oak-Stables

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Member Name Indica
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Joined June 10, 2020
Last Active 2020-09-26 15:25:04
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Money on Hand $8,357
Money in Bank $1,613,860
Player Level 8
Horses 59 / 65

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Yesterday 714
This Week 4948
This Month 6614
All Time 47826
Show Winnings
Yesterday $11
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This Month $125
All Time $9,377

Member Level
Level 8 Experience 40953 (31%) EXP Required 132084 EXP Left 91131

Indica's Horse Divisions
A. Morgan herd (endurance) 8 horses
Not trained today
A. Morgan herd (western) LOCKED 4 horses
Not trained today
B. Appaloosa herd (western) 6 horses
Not trained today
C. Andalusian herd (Dressage) 4 horses
Not trained today
D. Arabians herd (dressage) 4 horses
Not trained today
E. Foals 15 horses
Trained today
F. For Sale 11 horses
Not trained today
G. Heart-herd 6 horses
Not trained today
Unassigned Horses 1 horses

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