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28 | she/her | double B.A | published author | sorta-artist | Huffle-rin | Oreo addicted

About [ Miss T ]

30 | mare | chestnut | Quarter Horse | trail horse extraordinaire | mostly retired

About [ the art ]

sometimes I draw. large arts, cheebums, bouncies. commissions are usually not opened but you're free to ask.

Artsy Fartsy To Do List:
Black Raven - B Gang G
Cryptic Cat - ??? G
something animated?
* pixel tag recolour w/bg *


First 1000 stat foundation Morgan: Cutout Castle May 9th, 2020

First 1000 stat foundation Chincoteague: n/a
(Honourable mention:  Latte Foam June 8th, 2020 with 999)

First 1000 stat bred Morgan: n/a

First 1000 stat bred Chincoteague: n/a

First $100k earner: n/a

First 100k points earner: n/a

Equiverse Endurance Association

The Equiverse Endurance Association (EVEA) is a club I founded on May 9th, 2020. It revolves around endurance, welcoming all breeds of horses. The only requirement is that a horse be N2 or higher in grade, as to help make sure the horses are actually progressing in some manner.

There are monthly contests to decide the club's mascot for the following month. We host contests such as an improvement contest (most stats gained in Intelligence and Endurance), a showing contest (most placings), and random number generators. Prizes are generated by dues and membership fees, member donations, and my own bank account. This is to ensure quality prizes that make entering worth the while.

If you raise Endurance horses of any breed, come join the EVEA! 

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Joined December 20, 2019
Last Active 2021-10-17 21:33:37
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Money on Hand $119,690
Money in Bank $40,085,000
Player Level 19
Horses 171 / 325

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This Month 115508
All Time 5251402
Show Winnings
Yesterday $8,245
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This Month $51,791
All Time $2,096,243

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Level 19 Experience 492195 (45%) EXP Required 1078686 EXP Left 586491

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•• Morgan (gen3) LOCKED 20 horses
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Club Memberships

Gypsy Vanner Club

Specialists Extraordinaire

EV Jump! Guild

Equiverse Endurance Association

The EV Art Club

Chincoteague Club

American Morgan Horse Association

Miniature Horse Club

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