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Renvers or Ren is what i go by on here and Eqcetera. I started playing horse sims back in about 2006, played for years and took a break of almost 10 years until now, now being lage 2019.

In real life I work full-time with horses alongside studying  business and French. I don’t know what I'm doing with my life  but I'm coming to the conclusion no-one does.

Trakehners are my favourite breed, I've loved them since childhood and have been lucky to have owned the most fantastic one in real life, a beautiful flaxen chestnut dressage horse. I'm a little sad they don't have flaxen in the game but i'm struggling to find many examples beyond one of the foundation horses of the breed being flaxen.

I'm still getting used to the game but have started a foundation herd. In the past, art was more important to me than actually playing and improving my horses if that makes sense so I don't really know what I'm doing. I'm sort of following Sabriel's 3x3 method so that I hopefully have a herd that is sustainable and improves over time. I've realised several of the horses I've pulled from the equine centre don't have great nss for what I need so it might take a couple of generations to breed down to average before they start being considered good.

So I've bred my first lot of Foundations, my second generation are really where I should have started as we now have sub 60 nss across the board (bar one whose parents I really should have culled, what was I thinking breeding a 68 and a 65?!). I'll be more picky with the new blood I add in from now on. I need a whole lot of new names, first gen were named after semiprecious stones but there aren't many left now. Think I'll go with elements for the second gen.

I've been putting off pairing up and breeding my next gen, I will make time for it in the next couple of weeks.
I'm a bit/very rusty, I used to be really active making photomanips and layouts but I've had a long break. I'm getting bored of this layout and have an idea of what I want to do it's just executing it.


  This tab is a bit redundant, when I get round to making a new layout I'll have a rethink, maybe my characters could be shown off here? Link to my characters on sonagrove
Currently closed for art commissions.

I do have a tag sale  in collaboration with CCS on atm though of this spring tag here

Horses are not for sale but I might make some available for stud/brood if there's demand.

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