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About Me

Thanks to TMRanch for the wonderful layout! :D

I am 32yrs old, recently moved from Montana (U.S) to Oregon (also U.S). with my partner. Played EV in college (8 or 9 yrs ago) and then quit to focus on graduating, now I find it helps my anxiety from moving to a new place. Currently a retail employee (extraordinaire) and am working part time due to owning a quite cranky elderly doggo :) I love art, spend my free time drawing with color pencil, charcoal, or painting with acrylic. Am trying to learn digital art with the program Krita. I feel like I've got a decent grip on how the game works, so if you get stuck feel free to send me a message and I'll try to help the best that I can :)



Updated 9/12/20

  • Art Commissions
  • I am currently starting art commissions.
Here is what I can do:
  • Tags - 70-75k (depending on complexity)
  • Sigs - 80 - 100k (depending on complexity and # of chars)
  • Chars - 80 - 100k (depending on complexity)

I do not allow more than 2 items ordered at a time per person. I prefer one item at a time if possible. If I am unable to fill out an order for any reason payment (if sent in advance) will be returned, however I do not request payment until the order is complete usually :)

  • Slots
Only 3 slots (1 slot per person, 2 items max each slot) a time. I will update the availability of slots as often as I can.
  • 1. Open (9/18)
  • 2. Open (9/24)
  • 3. Pending (9/14)
Things to remember: I like to take my time, because art is fun and therapeutic for me. If it feels like work it's not fun anymore :( The more time you allow me, the more detail and better looking overall the art will appear :) I will not accept spamming, constant question asking about orders, or bullying. I will give out one warning if this happens, however if it continues I will cancel your order. If payment was sent in advance it will be returned.

Upcoming Breeding List:


Sagebrush Valley x Yellowstone Runs Thru It

Andesite Cliffs x Yellowstone Runs Thru It

Big Timber Sapphire x That Geyser Glo

Big Timber Sapphire x Bighorn Bravo

Bitterroot Pioneer x Bighorn Bravo

Bitterroot Pioneer x Coldsmoke Jumper

Big Timber Sapphire x Great Plains Tempest

Grand Teton Trail x Great Plains Tempest

Rattlesnake Ridge x Coldsmoke Dancer

Prairie Jumper x That Huckleberry Glo

Prairie Gold x Buffalo Twist

That Pioneer Glo x Buffalo Cliffs

That Pioneer Glo x Coldsmoke Dancer

That Pioneer Glo x Yellowstone Runs Thru It

Yellowstone Gulch x Geyser Smoke

Prairie Gold x That Huckleberry Glo

Prairie Jumper x Great Plains Tempest

Andesite Gold x Coldsmoke Dancer

Alpine Twist x Coldsmoke Jumper


Fortaleza x Teixeiro

About The Ranch

Here at Bridger Peak Ranch, our main breeding goals for all horses are low nss, higher conformation, and color. Currently I have two herds going, Tennessee Walking Horses and Chincoteagues. All horses will be bred between 16 and 20 years old, at 800+ stats, with maximum 3 foals each.

4 Million in Show Earnings: 5/27/20


The TWH herd is my Montana Line, named after things and places from my home state (lived there 20 years just about). Focusing on breeding top of the line Western horses, with a splash of color and patterns. Main coat goals are Smoky Creams, Cremellos, Duns, and now Roans, Silvers, and Champagnes.  No open breeding at this time, possibly in the future.


My Chincoteague herd is my Portugal/Spain Line, named after Portuguese military terminology for the stallions and towns in Spain for the mares. I have no personal connection there, however, I learned Spanish in grade school through college (I was born in south Florida, lots of Spanish spoken there). I'm not fluent in either language, sadly. I find Portuguese and Spanish to be beautiful sounding languages, so I figured why not. When I first started EV we had Brazilian Sport Horses, and looked up Portuguese from that breed.

Anyway, main coat goals for this herd are Seal Brown, Creams, Duns, Flaxens, but mostly anything. I really enjoy the color Seal Brown on these. This herd is going to strive to be top of the line Dressage horses. No open breeding for these at this time.


Other Art

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