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"Loving EV!"


Below is what my breeding plan is for all horses:

My breeding program is still fairly new, I'm only a couple of generations in but my goal is to breed the absolute best horses I can, statistic and conformation wise and I like experimenting with colors. I just did a massive round of breeding babies so none are for sale yet as I like to evaluate which babies I'm going to keep in my program when their training is complete at 3 years. However, if you want one of my babies before they're 3, message me an offer and I will sell them to you right away. Here is what to expect from my babies:

  • I'm not selling them because I have no use for them. I'm selling them because I want them to go out and do great things. I want them to help contribute to the breed and improve other breeding programs. If you do not want them anymore I will gladly buy them back.

  • All babies bred by me will have their entire foal training complete and will be sold when they turn 3 so you can still pick their discipline, although they will already be bred towards a specific discipline.

Since the beginning of my account I have focused on Andalusians, Quarter horses and Thoroughbreds. My Andalusians are my most successful babies and my Quarter Horses are improving. My Thoroughbreds I am building from the ground up because I was unable to find many outstanding ones available so I'm working hard to help build them up in stats and conformation. I want to do this with other breeds now, so I am starting to branch out into other breeds as well, but my main focus will still be the three breeds I have started with. I will put the same effort into the other breeds I am interested in, but their breeding program will be a lot smaller scale and on my second account, Tylover942.

Any questions about my horses, or if you're interested in any of them shoot me a message! I will be willing to sell them earlier if there's one you really want, OR if you have a specific pairing of my two horses you want a baby from shoot me a message and I will have a baby bred and sold over to you! 

Along with that, I also will go through and sell my adults every so often, so if there is a horse currently part of my breeding program that you like, I may (and do) part with them once they have served their purpose in my program. So if there is one you like keep an eye on it because it may go up for sale. 

I wanted to start an annual Christmas/Winter Holiday contest where I do a massive breeding round, then give away one of my babies of each breed for free! If you want to be entered in the contest message me! I will be picking a completely random winner from the entries submitted on Christmas eve. It costs you NOTHING to enter, I just want to spread the love. So I will be giving away one Andalusian, one Quarter Horse and on Thoroughbred foal from the batch I just bred for free. There will be three winners selected (One for each breed). If you want to be entered in the contest for more than one breed, let me know.

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