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Twisted Mountain Ranch

"Positive Vibes"

About Me

Hello everyone!!! I'm adult player, I'm 27 and I go by Jade. I have 10 horses, 5 Quarter horses, 3 Tennessee walkers and then 2 Belgium drafts Along with cattle. Several farm dogs in real life 
I Live in the southern part of the united states, I Own my own company.

I'll accept any friend request, so feel free to send me one, I'm always up to talk or help out in anyway I can.

Welcome To Twisted Mountain Ranch

We aim to breed some of the finest bloodline Quarter Horses, and Paints around these Southern Mountains. Color and stats is a major thing here and patterns, no horse is the same. We also take in horses and train them and resale them for a small fee.

Twisted Mountain Quarters

We been breeding Quarters since day one!!  We stride to breed the best lines and stats in QH. We have several lovely handsome studs for public breeding, price range for studs are $100-$1000. 

Our Quarter horses are not only breed for Western shows but for anything show wise. We have few foals up for sale right now, price range $100-$700

TMR Andalusians

New Project!! I have really nice stud standing to public at the moment and I have bred several foals by him so we have foals for sale right now by him. We are offers a few broodmares for public breedings.

TMR Dutch Warmbloods

Two nice studs and one broodmare for public breedings.

TMR Sale Pen

All paints are up for sale!!! I'm no longer going to be breeding or showing them. 

There is 9 horses for sale go check them out!

Standing Stud

Obviously Made Of Money |86.89 | QH | $600

Triple The Money | 96.65 | QH | $600

Famous Golden Lullaby | 80.60 | QH | $600
Cowboy Rockin' | 88.91 | QH | $600
Famous Boon Wrangler | 89.73 | QH | $600

Cloud 9 Classic 95.13 | And | $300

Account Information
Member Name Twisted Mountain Ranch
Member ID 118724
Account Type Basic
Joined May 22, 2018
Last Active 2021-12-04 12:53:27
Member Information
Money on Hand $655
Money in Bank $3,317
Player Level 7
Horses 64 / 65

Player Points
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This Week 8118
This Month 5534
All Time 205042
Show Winnings
Yesterday $54
This Week $266
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All Time $6,447

Member Level
Level 7 Experience 75504 (72%) EXP Required 104362 EXP Left 28858

Twisted Mountain Ranch's Horse Divisions
Foals/Yearlings 0 horses
TMR Broodmares 16 horses
Not trained today
TMR Morgans 2 horses
Not trained today
TMR Sale Pen 5 horses
Not trained today
TMR Tennessee Dreams 10 horses
Not trained today
Twisted Beauties 14 horses
Not trained today
Twisted Studs/Geldings 17 horses
Not trained today

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Gypsy Vanner Club

Equiverse Dressage Federation

Equiverse Quarter Horse Association

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Thoroughbred Club of Equiverse