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↹ Sessa ↹

"Currently questioning rutabegas"

Hey all you fantabulous artistic and equestrian people! Just a little about me:

16 as of 6/23/19!

Hobbies: music, art, archery, horse-back riding (English, Western, bareback, and working on liberty), writing, filmmaking/editing

One horse of my own who's more of an over-sized dog than anything else

I'm always up to chat :)
Feel free to send me a friend request

Yes I do art :) (like my tag? i made it myself!)
you can find my work floating around out there. I'm not the best, but I enjoy it and that's what really matters ;)
DM me for commissions and we can work something out

EV goals: I'm currently trying to get my Andys to 5000 6000 stats. 

My brand: ↹

All horses in locked divisions are up for grabs. Just shoot me a message and I'll send them over! As far as studs/broods, message me as I will be a little bit more particular about that.

Man, I can't believe I finally got around to updating this XD

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↹ Sessa ↹'s Horse Divisions
breeding project Gen 3 + 4 16 horses
Trained today
Cream of the Crop LOCKED 18 horses
Not trained today
Foals LOCKED 20 horses
Not trained today
Gen 2 4000 brood 7 horses
Trained today
Gen X LOCKED 6 horses
Not trained today
Hold on a diggitty darn second there, bud LOCKED 2 horses
Trained today
Hold up LOCKED 19 horses
Not trained today
In training LOCKED 43 horses
Not trained today
mustang makeover/project pons 9 horses
Trained today
shetland project 7 horses
Not trained today
Show fancies LOCKED 15 horses
Not trained today
train up/wait up 8 horses
Not trained today
Unassigned Horses 2 horses

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