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Hello! I'm seabreeze :)

About Me

I played Equiverse when I was younger and recently got back into it. I currently own Quarter Horses and Paints. I'm mainly dabbling in paints, but my main focus is definitely my QHs!

My pronouns are she/her. I live in the United States and used to be around horses quite often. I am shy but friendly, send me a friend request or a message if you want to chat! :)


Horses for sale are in the "SALES" division. 

The horses I have listed for sale are there because a) their stats are too low for them to be useful to my breeding program, b) their conformation is too low for the same reason, c) their coloring/markings are not what I want to pass down in my horses, or d) a combination of these reasons.


All horses start at a base price of $5,000. Depending on stats, conformation, and coloring/markings of each individual horse, the price increases. Rarely will one of my horses be priced higher than $25,000.

(Horses for sale are NOT equipped with tack (splint boots, tail guard, bridle, & saddle). If you would like the tack included with the horse, message me and I will equip it and alter the price accordingly.)

 **My horses are priced fairly compared to other quarter horses in the game. Prices are firm so don't be surprised if you offer a lower price than listed and I decline the offer!**

Studs & Broodmares

*I do not breed my mares until they reach at least 14 years old. (If you have interest in a specific horse and message me with the request, I will almost always say yes.) This will not affect any horses already available for breeding.*

Stallions: All my stallions are now up for public stud!

$2,000-$30,000 stud fee

Mares: None of my mares are officially available for brood. If you have interest in using one of my mares for brood just shoot me a message and I will most likely say yes!

$10,000-$30,000 brood fee

If you have any questions or propositions feel free to message me, I'm open to trades or any ideas you have and I love collaborating with people.


My goal is to consistently train and show my horses & breed them to create foals with good conformation & stats as well as colors that I find desirable!

Second account: seabreeze {2} (#127162)

♛ indicates a horse that I bred and own

❂ indicates a horse that own but didn't breed

$ indicates a horse for sale

Treats & Stats

Speed: Carrots

Agility: Yellow apples

Intelligence: Green apples

Endurance: Turnips

Strength: Red apples

Stats & Disciplines:

Show Jumping: Carrots, Yellow apples

Dressage: Yellow apples, Green apples

Racing: Turnips, Carrots

Endurance: Turnips, Green apples

Driving: Red apples, Turnips

Western: Carrots, Green apples

Foal Genotype Calculator - Equiverse Wiki

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