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Tumbleweed Farm

About Tumbleweed Farm 

Welcome to Tumbleweed Farm! 

It is a small farm that began in 2015, but I am also only becoming serious in 2022. Tumbleweed Farm specializes in dressage Paints, driving Trakehners, and jumping Shetlands. With all three of these breeds, we focus on high stats/low NSS, with color also being important. Currently, I am still in the beginning stages of the breeding programs, but hopefully, with time Tumbleweed Farm will be able to produce some amazing horses. 

About our horses


 I chose to start breeding Paints because they are an important breed to me. My first horse ever was a Paint, and I have always admired the breed's grit and athleticism. They are the first breed I started with, but unfortunately, I made a mistake with my first batch which slowed down our expected timeframe with them. However, the Paints are all on track and maturing nicely so far. They bred for dressage because I have always loved flashy horses that do dressage. 

Favorite Mare: Faded Royalty 

Favorite Stallion: Beautiful Oblivion


 The Shetlands were chosen as another of my breeds because I was missing some Shetlands that I used to know. That's literally the only reason. I chose to specialize in Show Jumping with them because if anyone has seen a jumping Shetland, you know it is absolutely adorable.

 Favorite Mare: Extra Spicy 

Favorite Stallion: Tactical Ransom 


 The Trakehners were chosen because they have some significance to my family. I have always loved the breed and hope that one day I can own a Trakehner in real life. Until then, I'll be content breeding Trakehners on EV. I chose driving for them because originally Trakehenersd were bred for pulling carts. I would like to make that more popular on EV for this breed, so that's the discipline I went with. 

Favorite Mare: Riga Favorite

 Staliion: Vilnius

 I do have another account, Quinoa II. It is used for storage because otherwise, I have far too many horses to deal with on one account.


About Me

 I joined EV six (almost seven) years ago. I can't believe it's been so long but here we are. I'm not really comfortable sharing my life details with all of y'all, but I have five horses, which have EV copies in this division (excluding the appys. I'm doing an experiment lol). 

I love LOTR and seafood and learning languages. I also love tumbleweeds, which is why I named my EV farm after them. Bay is my favorite color for horse, boring, I know. I just think they look so classy! 

I event with my horse Dillon and I used to do equitation. Other than that, idk 

Please do not randomly friend me, please!

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Quinoa's Horse Divisions
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Jumping Shetlands (GEN 1) 32 horses
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Late Dressage Paints (GEN 1) 12 horses
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