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"Hello Everyone!!!"

Add me since I play daily. 

Storms are my life!!! I love all the storms at roll through my area!!!!

I also visit the Rescue Center and grab the unwanted horses that other people don't want anymore and I give them a second chance in life.  It's what a decent human being would do and this world needs more of them. :)

I'm a member of the Mustang Club!

Account Information
Member Name StormySkies
Member ID 111200
Account Type Basic
Joined May 11, 2017
Last Active 2017-07-08 22:16:39
Member Information
Money on Hand $12,725
Money in Bank $296,036
Player Level 7
Horses 48 / 55

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This Month 0
All Time 58222
Show Winnings
Yesterday $0
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All Time $11,600

Member Level
Level 7 Experience 110233 (100%) EXP Required 104362 EXP Left -5871

StormySkies's Horse Divisions
0-2 year old Foals 4 horses
Not trained today
1. Shows 12 horses
Not trained today
My Mares 16 horses
Not trained today
My Stallions 11 horses
Not trained today

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