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Sunset Performance Horses

"briefly back"

* dying

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Check out my Tumblr here for Zukka and ATLA content!!!

(kinda abandoned it tho)



- Pisces
- she/her
- bi
- Sultan | seal brown crossbreed | 9 years old (a horse lol)
- I like rock and indie, and 70-90's music 
- The shows I'm currently watching are Mob Psycho 100 and Blue Period, rewatching Jujutsu Kaisen and My Hero Academia.
- VERY loud dog (Chihuahua mix lol) named Rosie
- My favorite breed in real life is the Arabian, but on EV I'm partial to Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses. :D

General Stuff!

If I'm honest, I'll sell any horse - for the right price. Very few of my horses will be put up for open sale. If you are interested in one of my horses, PLEASE JUST MESSAGE ME! I don't bite, I promise! I am fair with prices so don't be shy.
I am never ever active I am so sorry. My email is if you need anything. I'd be happy to log on real quick and do whatever.


Bred for conformation (80+), and stats (2000+). Any color. Quarters usually have 2-3 word descriptive/specific names.


I am breeding for 70+ conformation (that will go up once I get further into the project) and 1000+ stats. I don't care about color, although I do prefer darker, solid colors. I have a handful for stud and brood, and am starting to sell a few here and there as well as I get further in to the project. Thoroughbreds have one word names either relating to the nonphysical realm/space/gods, or the physical/natural world. Basically, things you can sense with your senses on this Earth vs things you can't.


Many and not that far in between. :))))  Those are available...for the right price. Heehee. Just message me lol. They cost $1k each, NO exceptions. Usually. Not that I'll always sell them because I usually won't but you can try.

Treating Guide

Speed treat - carrot
Agility treat - yellow apple
Intelligence treat - green apples
Endurance treat - turnips
Strength treat - red apples

Dressage - Yellow + Green Apple
Racing - Turnip + Carrot
Driving - Turnip + Red Apple
Show Jumping - Yellow Apple + Carrot
Endurance - Turnip + Green Apple
Western - Green Apple + Carrot

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