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"...why do I keep collecting more breed projects"

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About Me

Hey yall!
•My name is DarkFoldedWings, most just call me DFW or Dark! I'm 20 years old and currently pursuing a major in Biochemistry! Right now, I work for a research lab conducting experiments and writing papers.
•I've been playing EV for three years now and just recently became a mod - so message me with any questions or issues!
•I have been riding and showing since I was two years old, and have lots of experience training and giving lessons (I've worked for multiple nationally competitive arabian barns!).
•My heart lies with Arabians and always will - no other breeds for this gal. I currently own one purebred bay Arabian and one bay tobiano Half-Arabian (who is 7/8ths Arabian and 1/8 Welsh Pony!). Both are geldings and are named Eli and Finny, respectively. I show Eli in halter and hunter pleasure, while I show Finny in western pleasure.


•Breeding: Yes, stallions are up for breeding after the age of 10. Mares will be up for brood upon request.
•Sales: Yes, occasionally I have horses for sale. Message if you're interested in one that isn't up.

Commissions: Open/CLOSED
•Character Design: Yes, I do occasionally do character design on line art.
•Custom Lines: I will do custom lines if offered a reasonable sum.
•Tags/Sigs: I can, but they're a little rough because I don't have much practice at it.
•Art Shop Link: Click Here!

About The Horses

I currently breed Welsh Ponies, Morgans, and Quarter Horses.

Quarter Horses:
•Color, Low NSS, or Both
Welsh Ponies
•Show Jumping or Dressage
•Low NSS
•Lined and Foundation
•Low NSS


Yes! That's right, I'm a mod (as of 04/19/2020)! I'm more than happy to answer any questions or help with any issues you may have. So please, do message me if you need anything!
PS. I love to chat, so you're welcome to message me just for the heck of it anyway.

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