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"Running on coffee and Gilmore Girls..."

Welcome to Stars Hollow Stables!


While I've been a member of Equiverse for a while now, I've only recently started getting really involved in establishing my own stables lines. Right now, the focus is on Tennessee Walking Horses for Endurance and Quarter Horses competing in Show Jumping and Dressage. Of course there will be other breeds and disciplines coming through the barn doors. 

In real life I'm an adult that lives with a myriad of animals - dogs, cats, and sugar gliders. I have a Draft cross horse Nora who I ride for pleasure. While I used to compete in Hunters I'm now more of a slow rider and enjoy just lazing around the field with my best girl. 

My newest hobby is working on designs. While I'm not super artistic I find working on designs is relaxing. I also have a small collection of characters which can be found here

As of March 6, 2021 our lesson horses have been moved to the SHS Lesson Program account (128492). This way my main account can focus on my showing and breeding operation.

Account Information
Member Name Bellzabuls
Member ID 105132
Account Type Deluxe (148 days left)
Joined September 25, 2016
Last Active 2021-04-14 17:33:05
Member Information
Money on Hand $31,166
Money in Bank $9,063,302
Player Level 19
Horses 56 / 120

Player Points
Yesterday 12928
This Week 77842
This Month 356772
All Time 8864774
Show Winnings
Yesterday $9,785
This Week $38,823
This Month $176,531
All Time $2,339,340

Member Level
Level 19 Experience 797975 (73%) EXP Required 1078686 EXP Left 280711

Bellzabuls's Horse Divisions
1. Dressage // Novice & L1 to L4 7 horses
Trained today
2. Dressage // L5 & Above 8 horses
Trained today
3. Show Jumping // Novice & Local 9 horses
Trained today
4. Show Jumping // Regional & Above 6 horses
Trained today
5. Endurance // Novice & Local 5 horses
Trained today
6. Endurance // Regional 1 3 horses
Trained today
7. Endurance // Regional 2 10 horses
Trained today
8. Driving 0 horses
9. Racing 2 horses
Trained today
a10. Western 2 horses
Trained today
a11. Training Barn 0 horses
Trained today

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EV Jump! Guild

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The Underponies


National Equine Society of Rescued Mixed Breeds

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