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"Pretty Colored Horses~"

[center][size=3][u]Hello All~[/u][/size][/center]
So I was inspired by the [b]LOPE Group - aka the Lost Overlooked Productive Equines Group - [/b]and decided to get a bunch of Rescue Center equines, train them up and then sell them to newbies. As per the groups rules, each will be priced as their stats number + 0 at the end, i.e. a horse with the stats of 120 total will be priced at $1200. Additionally, each equine will be paired with a breeding partner so for every Stallion there should be a Mare and vice versa. Finally, the [b]-big-[/b] rule for the group is that no account over 3 months will be considered a newbie and thus will be unable to buy any of these equines being trained up. This also means no accounts that are new but are linked to an older account of yours. [i][b]I will be checking. [/b][/i]

If you are good with all of the above then simply place a bid on the equines you're interested in and once I check to make sure you followed the rules I'll accept your bid. Don't worry if someone out bids you, it'll be first come first serve. If for whatever reason I haven't updated the minimum bid price to match the stats, whether it be because I'm asleep for the night, dealing with day stuff or simply forgot (entirely possible), please increase your bid to match the current stats + 0. Don't worry about showing and training schools, I'll contact you if the stats of the equine and thus the price goes up - if you bid first and needed a price adjustment you'll still get priority over someone who bid at the updated price after you.

[center][size=2]If you have any questions feel free to msg me.[/size]
[i]Also, please don't ask to buy and/or trade any equines within my Personal division, I'll simply decline unless you make me a ridiculous offer at which point I'd consider it but also wonder why you'd want it that badly.[/i][/center]

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