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Bay Is The Way - Official Thread

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Bay Is The Way - Official Thread

#217884 Posted on 2020-01-29 04:55:50

Hey and welcome to the official thread of my new club Bay Is The way!

Here you can ask anything regarding the club before joining, or just see what's happening. BITW is a brand new club focusing on the super sweet bay and brown horses of Equiverse. It's really just a fun little club to showcase my own personal love for brown horses.

Every 10th member will receive a random item from me. Mascot Contests will be held every month and a random contest will be held every other week. I'm also looking for a coder to make a better layout for the club page, I have 2 credits to offer. Please message me.

-No set age, breed, conf., stat, or pattern is needed.
-The only requirement is that they have the following base coat:
-Bay, Wild Bay, Seal Brown, Brown Dun, Seal Brown Cream, or Seal Brown Cream Dun.

Club: Link
BITW Studs: Link
BITW Broodmares: Link

BITW Sales: Link

Contests: Contest
April Mascot Contest

Contest Winners:
February Mascot Winner
March Mascot Winner

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