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#211336 Posted on 2019-10-18 15:09:12


Driving Andalusians
L5 Bactrosaurus X Compsognathus
2 year old Black Andalusian Stallion
Stats: 569 Points: 0 Specialty: None

Na2 Broken Dreams X Elore's Love
8 year old Chestnut Andalusian Stallion
Stats: 1339 Points: 43762 Specialty: Driving

Na2 Elore's Love X Broken Dreams
7 year old Bay Andalusian Stallion
Stats: 1367 Points: 36270 Specialty: Driving

Driving Shetlands
R2 Laura X Almanzo
2 year old Bay Shetland Pony Stallion
Stats: 757 Points: 0 Specialty: None

Racing Thoroughbred
R1 Julia Dragoon X Let Dahaka
4 year old Bay Thoroughbred Stallion
Stats: 639 Points: 10560 Specialty: Racing

R2 Levy McGarden X Gajeel Redfox
7 year old Black Thoroughbred Mare
Stats: 731 Points: 30148 Specialty: Racing

Endurance Mustangs
R4 Will Scarlet X Anastasia
1 year old Bay Mustang Stallion
Stats: 925 Points: 0 Specialty: None


Driving Morgans
Na5 Luck of The Irish
17 year old Black Morgan Stallion
Stats: 1946 Points: 113566 Specialty: Driving

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