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#195478 Posted on 2018-11-30 12:57:56

The Cream Horse Society is looking for an admin to help keep the club running smoothly and remain one of the top clubs on Equiverse! We are looking for someone that is active most days and has no problem communicating to the owner and members. 

Discord is a preferred method of communication (as I cannot always progress) but not a requirement. Admin preferably should already be a member of the club and/or participate in similar standards of horse management but also not a requirement. 

Your responsibilities are as follows: 

- Renew club when necessary, club funds only. 
- Responsible increasing of member limit. 
- Handing out and keeping track of milestone rewards.
- Open and closing foal registration. 
- Promote the club and actively take part in activities. 
- Help arrange newsletters and competitions. 
- Keep track of club promotions and spotlight queues. 

By being admin you agree to: 

- Give adequate notice of inactivity where possible. (Without notice you will be released from the position after 1+ month of inactivity)
- Not make major changes or overspend within the club without the approval of #37708. 
- Maintain the activity and registration requirements of the club. 

If you would like to apply to the position, please either post below or message why you think you'd make a good admin. We are only looking for 1 admin for now but more than one may be a possibility. 

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