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Ducky's After The Tutorial Guide

#172282 Posted on 2018-05-29 19:32:02

I know Budweiser's already made one, so mods, please delete this is I'm not allowed to, but I thought it might be nice to give another guide, as everyone does things differently. Again, please delete if this is not allowed. I'm not sure if this is spamming....? Maybe. If it is then I would like this to be deleted. Thanks.

Just finish the Equiverse tutorial? Wondering what on earth to do next? This is a guide to show you just what to do to be successful within gameplay. Even if you’ve been around for a while, be sure to check this post out, maybe you can still pick up some tips! A few things I'm not sure about, so please, any help would be greatly appreciated!
Before we begin, these are some abbreviations you’ll need to know as they’re used throughout this guide!
EC = Equine Center
RC = Rescue Center
EV = Equiverse
EXP = Experience
EVD = Equiverse Dollars
EVC = Equiverse Credits
What you get after the Tutorial:
When you’re done with the tutorial, you get:
50k - (Or that’s how it used to be, I don’t know if that was changed or not, I apologize if it’s been changed)
1 Welcome Pack - I’m not totally sure what’s in it, as when I joined they didn’t exist yet, but I think they include peppermints, tack, and I think treats, possibly some other things but you’ll figure that out yourself.
100 EXP (Maybe??? I thought that was true. Maybe not?)
And I believe that’s it. Maybe some other things but I joined a few years ago so I honestly don’t remember.
Every member needs money. EV has lots of ways to get money.
You’ll get money when you’re done with the tutorial.
Every day you get bank interest which you can collect by going to the bank and they’ll be a green button.
Daily you can go to the fountain, which you choose to wish for money, items, or horses. If you wish for money, you’ll money ranging from $100-20k. If you wish for items, you’ll get an item, tack, apples, turnips, whatever. If you wish for the horses, you’ll usually not get anything, so it’s usually not a good idea too if you’re there for benefit.
Every day you can also go to the games tent where you can play games such as coin toss, higher or lower, and apple bobbing. Coin toss is a betting game, as well as higher or lower so you can lose money and gain money. Apple bobbing is just a game where you bob for apples and if you get three in a row, you can win 1k. You can also get apples which you can feed to your horses! And sometimes, you’ll get a crate of turnips which you can also use on your horses. You’ll also notice in the games tent there’s the lottery. That isn’t so much as a game, but it’s the only place to put it.
Art is another way, I’ll put some stuff about art later.
Riding school is another way to get money. You can submit your horses daily and the next day complete riding school and submit them again if you want and get money from that.
There are tons of ways to make money, but Sabriel made a fantastic guide on money making, called Making Money Honey (that’s a link).


The first horse you ever get is a horse at the EC. You’ll be able to get more, and you’ll need to care for them daily, as well as training, riding school/show them. The current breeds on EV include:
Dutch Warmbloods
Gypsy Vanners
Miniature Horses
Paint Horses
Quarter Horses
Shetland Ponies
Tennessee Walking Horses
Welsh Ponies
You can pick any of those breeds to be your ‘main breed(s)’ or you can just breed all of them, although that would be fairly difficult because there’s 20 of them ha.
You will need to board you horses somewhere. If you buy Deluxe, (see section ‘deluxe’) then you can have your own stable to board your horses at for free, but while your Basic, you’ll need to board them somewhere else. Some stables are expensive, but some are $10 EVD every week which isn’t much.
Leveling up:
Leveling up can be challenging, but all it takes is time and effort.
Once you finish the Tutorial you’ll get 100 EXP I’m pretty sure. Level perks:
You must be level 3 to access Forums (21383 total EXP needed)
You must be level 4 to Expand Horse Capacity (+20383 for 41766 total EXP needed)
You must be level 5 to Upgrade Tack (+29352 for 71118 total EXP needed)
You must be level 6 to breed horses (+39951 for 111069 total EXP needed)
You must be level 10 to access the Auction House (+596822 for 707891 total EXP needed)

Level 30 is the highest player level available currently.
Deluxe is a special thing you can upgrade your account to. You can buy deluxe with EVC. 1 month is 5 EVC, 6 months is 22 EVC, 12 months is 40 EVC, and 24 months is 80 EVC. If you buy deluxe, you will be able to:

  • Create and manage your own stables

  • Earn an extra 0.25% daily on your bank balance

  • Purchase as many arenas as you want to host shows and offer training

  • Host daily shows and offer training in any and all disciplines

  • Be able to show a personalized tag - or choose one of the pre-made tags

  • Vet and shoe all your horses in just one click for each type

  • Create as many divisions as you want past the limit

  • Start your very own member group about anything you like (almost...)

§ Repair all your tack items with one click
You can buy credits with real money or with in-game money.
I bet you know what art is. Here’s some stuff I copy and pasted from the Help Center about art:
What are tags and signatures?
Tags and signatures are images a Deluxe member can display on their account. Basic members can choose from a set of default tags to use, but cannot use a custom tag or a signature. A tag will be shown in the sidebar, listed next to your name in the online members list, and shown on your forum posts. A signature, however, will only be displayed on your forum posts due to its size. 

Correct tag dimensions are 150x150 pixels. Signatures (also known as sigs for short) are 500x150 pixels. Tag and signature images must fit these particular sizes in order to display properly on site. 

You can either create your own tags and signatures, or you can visit the 
Tag and Signature Sales forum topic in order to purchase one from another player. Basic and Deluxe account owners alike can purchase tags and signatures, so if you have only a Basic account now and are saving up for a Deluxe account, you can purchase these images to use later.

If you are a Deluxe member, you can set your tag and signature images from the Account Settings section on your Home page. Simply paste the image location into the respective box next to Your Tag and Your Signature. You must have your tag and signature image uploaded to an image host in order to do so however, as Equiverse does not allow you to upload images directly. If you are a Basic member, or wish to use a basic tag, you can click the premade tags link in the Account Settings section to select a default tag.

What are Characters?
Characters are horse designs that players can own, buy, and sell, and they are a common part of the art community here, although not required for regular gameplay. These characters are frequently used as the subjects for "Your Horse Here" style art sold on site, most frequently tags and signatures. Characters are often given a backstory, personality profile, etc to make them feel more lively, and some users even use them in roleplaying.

Anyone with the inspiration can make character designs, which often are put together on free-to-use lineart (if the artist doesn't make lines themselves) or sometimes even on free-to-use greyscales as well. You can make a character yourself, or purchase one on the 
Character Sales forum topic. 

When you create or buy a character you get a reference sheet (ref) for it, which is what is used as the template for how the design should look when it is recolored onto tags, sigs, or other art you buy. They often serve as the subject matter for art, so having a nice, clear reference sheet with full crediting is desirable.

What is crediting on art?
Crediting is a method of referencing or citing work used in a piece of art that was created by another person. Any materials you use that do not explicitly belong to you, or were not created entirely on your own, must be credited. Here on Equiverse we take copyright infringement very seriously (please see the respective section in the Terms and Conditions for more details).

Be sure to only use stock photos or resources that are labelled as free-to-use, copyright-free, or are part of the Creative Commons in your artwork. You must assume that any materials that aren't labelled as such are under copyright, and must not be used. This includes images that come up at random in a search engine image search. You must check sources to guarantee work is free of copyright.

Finally, you MUST always credit the artist whose lines or free stock you've used. The credits must be readable and must be on the piece at the time of sale. Excuses such as "I'll add them to the ones I sell" are not acceptable - art sales that are uncredited may be removed or locked until proper credits are added.

To credit art resources created by someone from DeviantArt, for example, you must include the full link to their profile page like this: If you are using art from another stock site, indicate the full URL of the site. If your art is 100% your own creation, then make sure to include credit for yourself. Get your own name out there in the art world! For some more info on stock and more 
go here!
What do abbreviations on auctions mean?
Auctions have their own specific jargon, and when you first see one the abbreviations may seem strange. Here is an explanation.

SB means "Starting Bid" - The minimum amount the Artist will accept as a bid.

MI means "Minimum Increase" - How much larger your bid has to be than the previous one.

AB means "Auto Buy" - This is the price that will allow you to buy the art piece outright and bypass the auction process (not all auctions will have an AB available).

Needing Help:
This part may seem silly but honestly, you’ll get snags all the time and all of the players would enjoy helping, we’ve got an amazing community so if you ever get stuck, no matter how silly of a problem, you can ask for help in the Help Me Board, or in Equiverse Chat board.
Places on EV where you can get help:
Help Center
Game Guides
Help Me
Messaging a Moderator
EV ‘Checklist’ for after the tutorial:
This is a little ‘checklist’ for things you’ll need to be successful in the game:
ü Horses
ü Money
ü Help
ü Fun
All in all, EV is a complicated game, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy and super fun! I hope that this guide helped! When I joined I had absolutely no idea what to do because we didn't really have many good guides... I don't want it to be so rough for new members! 
Links to helpful guides that might be helpful to you:
Sabriel's Guide To Making Money  -Sabriel
Sabriel's Guide To Leveling Up  -Sabriel
A Newbie Guide to Art  –Eliza D
UlyssesBlue's free custom layout generator  –UlyssesBlue
Genetics Guide  -Vos

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#172285 Posted on 2018-05-29 19:45:14

Very nice guide! I haven't read it all the way through, but I will when I have more time. : ) The one thing I see that needs changing is that one month of deluxe costs 5 EVC, not 2. Great guide otherwise! I hope it helps our newer members.

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Syrien 🐇 ☽

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#172287 Posted on 2018-05-29 19:59:57

Oh, thanks for catching that Syrien. I'll fix it... :)

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#218386 Posted on 2020-02-15 08:35:58

Just FYI - wishing for horses in the fountain can give you:
       - nothing
       - 3 days of auto-care
       - 20 uses of peppermints
       - some amount of EVD (4000+)

I thought I'll share the experience even though it's a bit of necro-posting =) Hopefully it doesn't counts with guides. 

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#218390 Posted on 2020-02-15 10:02:53

That's very useful, thank you for adding it here 

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