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Lily's Rescues Sales *New Prices*

#140021 Posted on 2018-01-10 09:15:45

The letter(s) in front of their name stands for what discipline they are in :D Also all horses in this section will at some point be for sale, so if you feel like looking through there and see something you like, message me :D Same fees will apply :D

1k for 0-999 stats
2k for 1000-1999 stats
3k for 2000-2999 stats

R4 D Shake It Off
18 year old Bay (Gray) Gypsy Vanner Stallion
Stats: 917 Points: 112932 Specialty: Driving

R2 D Wildest Dreams
16 year old Gray (White) Gypsy Vanner Stallion
Stats: 743 Points: 104662 Specialty: Driving

R2 D Word I Couldn't Keep
16 year old Bay (Gray) Gypsy Vanner Stallion
Stats: 738 Points: 104438 Specialty: Driving

N5 DR Whatever It Takes
3 year old Red Dun Gypsy Vanner Mare
Stats: 306 Points: 5518 Specialty: Dressage

L2 E Hold Me Tighter
3 year old Chestnut Tennessee Walking Horse Mare
Stats: 447 Points: 4474 Specialty: Endurance

R3 E Sinful Desire
6 year old Chestnut Arabian Stallion
Stats: 808 Points: 24236 Specialty: Endurance

L2 E Visit Me
3 year old Buckskin Tennessee Walking Horse Stallion
Stats: 440 Points: 4478 Specialty: Endurance

L1 SJ Go Out Together
4 year old Bay Chincoteague Mare
Stats: 366 Points: 7278 Specialty: Show Jumping

R3 SJ Loneliness Like a Crown
16 year old Chestnut Gypsy Vanner Mare
Stats: 892 Points: 81414 Specialty: Show Jumping

R1 SJ Twist of Chic
14 year old Bay Dutch Warmblood Mare
Stats: 608 Points: 48610 Specialty: Show Jumping

L5 W Evidence Of Fact
3 year old Chestnut Tennessee Walking Horse Stallion
Stats: 568 Points: 2124 Specialty: Western

L5 W Hooked On A Feeling
3 year old Black Tennessee Walking Horse Stallion
Stats: 559 Points: 0 Specialty: Western

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