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June Listening Session

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June Listening Session
The June listening session is scheduled for this Saturday (the 27th) in our Discord channel (accessible here) starting at 13:00 Equiverse server time. The session will go up to 90 minutes long, or until it draws to a natural close.

The listening session is a chance for us to communicate with each other. There will be discussion topics and questions, and also open time where you, the players, can ask questions. We will discuss upcoming updates, developments, and more! If you can't make it to the meeting, a summary will be posted to the forums later and the listening session channel history will be available to review in Discord as well.

Please note you must be 13 or older in order to create a Discord account, if you haven't one already.

Below is a summary of the topics we will cover this session:

* Specialty settings on player pages, how many options
* Colorful tack? This would be a large project involving recolorization of existing tack but it could be done, it has to be worth the work though
* Fixing markings, if we need this, which markings are the most incorrect
* Talk about luxury features, as this came up in previous session
* Collapse training and riding school fees in bank, any others?
* Possibility to add plain fly sheets (like the holiday ones from the snowball fight shop, but different colors) as alternative to tack or ‘naked’ horse
* Show your bids on the auction house page
* Possible early signs of greying on foals, how much, is it needed
* Ability to choose exact genes on custom horse, not just for markings
* More details visible for horses in trades
* Visual feedback for horses completed with their riding school work
* ‘Yard overview’ of your horses’ performance, etc, included on the returned old hub possibly

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2020-06-24 15:21:39


What if you "outsourced" recoloring tack? So many artists on here already do great tag and signature recolors. I imagine some might be inclined to help recolor tack, myself included.

Posted by

Mouse (#97347)
24th June 2020 at 15:54:07

Abbey does not wish to have member contributions to site art, so that's going to be handled on the admin team side. There won't be a problem with it being completed, it's more a matter of prioritization versus redoing markings.

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River (#51565)
26th June 2020 at 09:32:33