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Valentine's Event!

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Valentine's Event!
You may have noticed some hearts and shards around the site, cause it's time to spread some love on Equiverse with the Valentines event! For this special event we have a currency known as Ruby Hearts, which can be crafted from the Ruby Shards you will find both in random events around the site, as well as in Leisure Riding. Saddle up those pixel ponies!

Each Ruby Heart is composed from five Ruby Shards - you can convert your shards into hearts on the Event page. Once you have enough Ruby Hearts accumulated you will be able to make purchases from the event shop, which is already available to you. :)

If you were here for the event previously, any Ruby Shards left on your account will be credited to you, so you can start using them to create Ruby Hearts right away!

Now go out there and collect those shards! :)

Along with shard collecting and the event shop, LoveHearts are back! LoveHearts are a cute little heart candy image that have a message, and you can give them freely to any member by visiting their home page. The only limit is that you can only give one to any given member, so be sure to choose the message you want! Collecting and sending them has no benefit, but they're a fun way to express your love and appreciation for fellow players.

Which message are you going to send most? :)

Please note - any LoveHearts that were sent before this post had to be cleared, as hearts from last year were still in the system. Feel free to resend any hearts that you already may have distributed!

Note: This event will end on the 15th February at 11:59pm game time, event shop included, so be sure to spend your Ruby Hearts before then! If you forget, any remaining event currency will stay credited to your account as in previous years, so you'll be able to spend it later too.

Art Updates
Issues with some tack images have been fixed - these include:
*Gypsy Vanner racing saddle
*Gypsy Vanner western bridle
*Gypsy Vanner western saddle
*Gypsy Vanner show jumping bridle
*Paint show jumping bridle

These items will now display properly, and any missing files have been added in.

The sabino files being swapped for the Ahkal-Teke/Arab/Welsh foal art have been fixed as well.

There is also a new poll available! This particular poll is on the question of how long you would like foal art to be shown for horses. Currently the foal art shows for horses under one year of age. The poll questions whether you would like to stick with this option, or show the art for horses under two years of age, or show it until the horses reach the age of three.

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2020-02-01 10:08:12


You get a loveheart! You get a loveheart!! Everyone gets a loveheart!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Posted by

BubblesTheSandDragon (#121399)
1st February 2020 at 10:10:16

Yay! Thank you for the updates!

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«» Only the Wind (#55431)
1st February 2020 at 20:54:11


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Addie (#124134)
10th February 2020 at 08:07:38