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Snowball Fight and Auction House

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Snowball Fight!
Snow has been falling in the lands of Equiverse!

That surely means it's time for the best event of the year - the Snowball Fight! Everyone is assigned to a team - Red, Blue or Green - and it's up to you to try and put your team into the lead!

You can navigate around the game to gather snowballs from the snow that's settled, and use your stockpile of snowballs on other members' pages! The forums and online members pages have been updated to display each other member's team.

All members on the winning team (most successful snowball throws) will receive $5,000, and all other members will win $1,000 for participating (throwing at least one snowball).

This event will run from 20th-31st December 2016. The event will end at 11:59 on 31st December and prizes will be given out on 1st January 2016!

(Go Red Team!)

Members with Full Page Layouts
Add [snowballbox] to your page anywhere to display the box so that members can throw snowballs at you :)

Auction House

Developers have moved into town and have been constructing a new building between the Club House and Training Center: The Auction House!

Once you reach Level 10, you can go to the Auction House to buy and sell horses. A full explanation is listed on the Auction House page, but briefly:

You can set a reserve price on horses you list for sale. If nobody bids higher than the reserve price within 24 hours, the horse will be returned to you. If they do bid higher, after 24 hours is over the horse will be automatically sold to the highest bidder.

Horses can be sold for both Dollars and Credits in the Auction House.

Other New Features
* You can now cancel stud requests that you send in case of mistakes. You can access your pending stud requests using the link from your Home page.
* Pedigrees now go back a further generation. I have removed the additional information (breed, color and "view foals" link) to make it a bit less cluttered, and easier to read.
* Horse name links in the Pedigree will now link to the pedigree rather than the horse's page, to make navigating pedigrees a bit easier.
* Compressed items can be decompressed (or "Split") on their item page. They will be uncompressed to their normal amount of uses (so Peppermints would be decompressed to 20 base uses). Any items that don't decompress evenly (e.g. a Peppermints compression with 45 uses) would have the remainder split into an individual item (giving 2x 20 uses and 1x 5 uses).

This will be the last update until after Christmas, so I wish you all a Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays)!

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Posted on
2016-12-20 17:47:14


Wow!!! TAHNKS.I love snowball fights .Thanks so much .

Posted by
Night Shade (#102378)
20th December 2016 at 17:48:51


thanks abbey! ♥ I love the snowball fight!

Posted by

insomniaglet (#64633)
20th December 2016 at 17:49:17

GOOOOO team Green!!!

Posted by
Night Shade (#102378)
20th December 2016 at 17:53:22

*cries because I'm only level 7 ;n;*

Posted by

Raptorfang Ω (#79219)
20th December 2016 at 17:55:03

This is the most appropriate thing right now:

Whoop, whoop!

Posted by

Ðemure (#98096)
20th December 2016 at 18:01:11

Is 24-48 hours enough for an auction? I wonder if 3-7 days would give the seller a better chance.

Posted by

Ðemure (#98096)
20th December 2016 at 18:02:15

This looks awesome, thanks Abbey!

Posted by

SueHeck (#104120)
20th December 2016 at 18:12:15


Posted by

Silver Foxie Sox (#72281)
20th December 2016 at 18:25:09

Woo snowballs! Go team red!

Thanks so much for the auction house! :D

Posted by

Wicked (#103404)
20th December 2016 at 18:27:36

Any chance we could have an option to disable the default snowball box placement, since we can place them ourselves? It's messing up my layout where it is now, but I don't want to mess up the coding to adjust it. xD

Posted by

Wicked (#103404)
20th December 2016 at 18:32:43


Posted by

Ducky (#101202)
20th December 2016 at 18:36:26

@Wicked - made an alteration, the default box will hide itself if the code has been included in your page :) hope that helps!

Posted by

Abbey (#1)
20th December 2016 at 18:41:11

Thanks so much! :D

Posted by

Wicked (#103404)
20th December 2016 at 18:41:52

Thank you, Merry Christmas all :D

Posted by
Kat of RKO (#87162)
20th December 2016 at 18:55:31

Thank you so much Abbey! Merry Christmas!

Posted by
Ender (#38505)
20th December 2016 at 19:03:51

Oooooo...... Maybe this year I'm FINALLY on the winning team; since the Red Team has been winning for the past two years. ;)

Posted by

💖 Feathered Gold 💖 (#72812)
20th December 2016 at 19:05:09

love the snowball fight and auction house! way to go Abbey, and have a good Christmas everyone!

Posted by
Midnight Outlaw (#98451)
20th December 2016 at 19:15:54


Posted by

Zest (#29268)
20th December 2016 at 19:27:54


Posted by
Livs (#87925)
20th December 2016 at 19:44:50

hey abs:
i bid on a horse, then was outbid.
The notifications gave a link to the horse but when clicked, it says there is no ID.
Is it meant to link back to the horse in question? Hovering over the link directly shows the address leads to no ID number.

Posted by

Grouchy Potato (#5896)
20th December 2016 at 19:54:48