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So I've been back from my honeymoon for 3 weeks now. It was fantastic, and I thank you all for your suggestions on what to do and where to go!

Since I've been back, I've run into a bit of a conundrum. You'll see below.

New Features
* Polls are back! News > Polls.

So to elaborate on New Features being such a short list - I am currently working on about 5 different things. I keep getting distracted between them, so I decided to code Polls instead and try to get your opinions on which one I should prioritise. Basically, which one would you like to see added this side of Christmas?

A link to polls for the lazy ;)

I am also working on smaller updates as well (never fear!), but these are the next few *big* updates that I want to add. I have a couple of secret updates to come as well, which I obviously won't poll for your opinions because they are secret ;D.

Bug Fixes
* Stallions can no longer be gelded while they are up for stud or sale/private auction.

I have been working on converting the current genetics system to create the genotype of a new horse from the Equine Center as well as storing the "allowed" genes in a breed. The actual details won't mean much to most people, but basically there will be a bit more variety to what colors/markings (and the genes for those colours and markings) can be acquired from the Equine Center. This includes "rare" genes such as silver and champagne. They will be extremely rare, but they will be available from the EC when this system is implemented.

In order to make sure that I haven't missed any genes from breeds, if you are familiar with genetics, please check the breeds you are most familiar with from the Statistics page. If you click on a breed name, it will now list all the available genes for that breed according to the new system. If anything is missing (e.g. the custom horse tool says Akhal-Teke should have cream, but the new system doesn't), please comment on this news post.

This also makes it easier for me to add "allowed" genes to breeds, for example, Silver and Sooty for Gypsy Vanner. Previously I would need to edit the code in about 5 different places for each new allowed gene. Once this code is implemented, I should be able to just add it and it will automatically update everywhere.

I am the worst at explaining things, I'm sorry.

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Posted on
2016-12-07 16:22:22


Thanks Abby!

Posted by

SueHeck (#104120)
7th December 2016 at 16:24:19

Thank you so much Abbey! You're the greatest c:

Posted by

Pistol (#35094)
7th December 2016 at 16:25:33

Thank you!

Posted by

Bopper (#87547)
7th December 2016 at 16:26:57

Oh I can't wait to see the new variety from the EC!

Posted by

insomniaglet (#64633)
7th December 2016 at 16:27:29

Thank you! You're amazing.

Posted by

ʟᴇᴀʜ (#43220)
7th December 2016 at 16:28:34

Yes! Thank you! I have been waiting for some rare colors in the EC!

Posted by
Svetlana (#104072)
7th December 2016 at 16:39:00

thank you so much Abbey, you are truly amazing!

Posted by
Midnight Outlaw (#98451)
7th December 2016 at 17:09:35

Cool, thanks! :)

Posted by

Rising Dawn (#53794)
7th December 2016 at 17:20:07

Awesome! :D

*braces for genetics part and hopes to be present in the event horses all turn pretty shades of purple* :D

Posted by

Silver Foxie Sox (#72281)
7th December 2016 at 17:25:34

Thank you so much Abbey :3 ♥

Posted by

ᴀᴜʀᴇᴏʟɪɴ (#58155)
7th December 2016 at 17:32:09

Thanks Abbey!!

Posted by
Night Shade (#102378)
7th December 2016 at 19:30:41

Thank you Abbey!

Posted by
Graves (#101393)
7th December 2016 at 21:43:03

Oh still a late congrats from me! Sorry I missed your complete wedding :)

Great genes update Abbey!

Posted by

megansparrow (#45453)
8th December 2016 at 02:54:22

Awesome news! Very excited to hear the auction house and crops are on the agenda for the near future. :D I hope your mention of silver and sooty for the gypsies means we might be getting that soon. That would be amazing!

Posted by
UlyssesBlue (spare) (#75110)
8th December 2016 at 05:58:53

I should have voted for those individual show results but the idea of crops won my vote. It's all good so long as all are planned eventually.

I also await the addition of white patterns for Morgans. Frame, splash white, sabino: Oh my.

Posted by

Årty- Minis (#28387)
8th December 2016 at 08:30:07

Sounds good to me Abbey! Glad to hear you enjoyed your honeymoon! :)

Posted by
♛ Richard (#51405)
8th December 2016 at 08:33:46

Sounds awesome! :D

I was wondering, will pearl be added too the gene pool at some point? I would just die to have a pearl Andalusian, haha. :P

Posted by
ElBlanca (#106744)
8th December 2016 at 12:21:37

This all sounds awesome ^_^

Posted by
Persephone (#104048)
8th December 2016 at 12:57:14

Omg Abbey you're awesome also WHY are more people not voting for individual show results?!?!? I don't think you understand how AMAZING it would be to have the "Your Activity" page be a little more utilize-able

Posted by
Demure (#98704)
8th December 2016 at 15:28:30

Thank you so much Abbey! you're the best :) hope you had fun on your honeymoon!!

Posted by
mrs.horses (#43148)
9th December 2016 at 09:01:21