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🌀 dr. Gg W+

Owned by 🌀 WINDSPUN APPALOOSAS (#31913)
Previously owned by Olympea (#115391)
Bred by Olympea (#115391)

This horse is deceased.

STR: 44
SPD: 16
AGI: 18
INT: 23
END: 45
ALL: 146

Preferred Treat

Horse Information
Name 🌀 dr. Gg W+
Age 4 years old (ages in 5 days)
Breed Thoroughbred
Color White
Sex Mare
Pattern No Pattern
Markings Face: Interrupted Stripe, NF: Stocking, FF: Ankle, NH: Stocking, FH:
Created 2018-12-31 19:32:18
Genotype EE AA Gg crcr dd chch FF zz pp stysty rbrb W+ oo spsp lplp patn1patn1 patn2patn2
Conformation and Health
Height 15.2 hands (62in)
Head 46.00 Poor
Neck 62.00 Good
Withers 55.00 Good
Back 58.00 Good
Shoulders 67.00 Good
Legs 43.00 Poor
Knees 43.00 Poor
Hooves 67.00 Good
Average 55.13

Specialty Information
First Places 8 Second Places 3 Third Places 3
Specialty Driving (Converted: 0 times) Grade Novice 1 Training Level 2
Training Progress
Stat Boost Points
7 / 10

Horse Points
Yesterday 682
This Week 0
This Month 0
All Time 4374
Show Winnings
Yesterday $625
This Week $0
This Month $0
All Time $1,596

Pedigree, Breeding and Foals
Sired by Foundation Stallion Foals 0 foals bred View Foals
Dam Foundation Mare Last Bred Never View Pedigree

Club Registries
Not registered in any clubs!

Public Notes