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Owned by 🌀 WINDSPUN APPALOOSAS (#31913)
Previously owned by 🌀 Windspun Chincos (#46144)
Bred by 🌀 Windspun Chincos (#46144)

This horse is deceased.

STR: 31
SPD: 25
AGI: 21
INT: 22
END: 24
ALL: 123

Preferred Treat

Horse Information
Name dr.
Age 2 years old (ages in 2 days)
Breed Appaloosa
Color Bay
Sex Mare
Pattern Varnish Roan
Markings Face: Whiteface, NF: Sock, FF: Pastern, NH: Pastern, FH: Sock
Created 2018-02-17 16:09:22
Genotype Not tested for genotype!
Conformation and Health
Height 15.3 hands (63in)
Head 43.00 Poor
Neck 65.00 Good
Withers 70.00 Good
Back 43.00 Poor
Shoulders 48.00 Poor
Legs 68.00 Good
Knees 57.00 Good
Hooves 67.00 Good
Average 57.63

Pedigree, Breeding and Foals
Sired by Foundation Stallion Foals 0 foals bred View Foals
Dam Foundation Mare Last Bred Never View Pedigree

Club Registries
Not registered in any clubs!

Public Notes