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Midnight Outlaw

"I've been alone so long, feels like I'm on the run"

Welcome to Smokin Guns Ranch, a sprawling, completely Western based ranch located middle-of-nowhere, Alberta, Canada. Tucked in a large valley surrounded by mountains, with dense forests, clear streams, and long grass swaying on the meadows, and one clear way in and out, it's an untamed, beautiful place.. and a good place to disappear.

Now that I've spooked or annoyed ya with that, I'm Midnight Outlaw, Outlaw, Midnight, whatever else you wanna bother to think of. About me:

-teenage tomboy of a girl
-Proud Albertan (Alberta strong, whoop whoop)
-Western rider, hoping to start rodeos year 2020
-own 2 mares, Midnight  (age unknown estimated over 17hh black Clydesdale cross), and Phoenix (aka redhead, red, and brat, 8 year old flaxen red dun pure Appaloosa with bird catcher spots, stands 16hh, my barrel/trick riding horse in training).
-own 1 cream mini poodle dog, Furley.
-owns too many barn cats Sheriff, Derringer, and kittens Cocheta, Gambler, and Brimstone (had others but my poor cats keep dissapearin on me).
-obsessed with old west stuff (hence name)
-Loves almost all country music, bluegrass, and folk/outlaw country.
The Horses:
-Appy’s (NO FEW SPOT, rare colours, flaxen, Western, named after Country songs)
-Clydes (solid, Western, Native American names)
-GV’s (rare colours, flaxen, Western)
-Morgans (rare colours, flaxen, Louis L'Amour names, Western)
-Mustangs (rare colours, flaxen, Western, other western books names)
-Tennessee Walkers (colour, flaxen, Western, name them undecided as of yet)
-Chincoteagues (flaxen, sooty, silver, colour, Western, Celtic names)
-Welsh Ponies (flaxen, sooty, silver, colour, Western, Irish names)

Sales & Studs/Broods
-horses for sale will be in the sales division, but if there's one you'd love that isn't, PM me. the worst that'll happen is I say no.
-horses will be for sale for 5 weeks. If they aren't sold after 5 weeks they will be kept or retired.
-if a price is too high, PM me. I'm fairly flexible on pricing.
-I don't list horses for stud/brood, but if there's one you want to stud/brood just PM me and I can put it up.
-If there's 2 horses of mine you want bred i'll do that too, the cost will be the price of the vet, farrier, and Genotyping the foal, plus 2k for profit, so around $3,400. it is flexible however.

Naming System
-If a horse has the sword behind it's name that means it’s one I bred, the: (4) behind its name means it’s one I bought.
-My naming system works as this: all foundations or ones not bred by me are named after the theme (Louis L'Amour books, other Western books, country songs, etc) and their foals are then named with a combination of the parents' names.
-If you buy a horse you are very free to change the name and erase my symbols, it's just the system I like to use for myself.
-Horses with other language names like Clydesdales and Chincoteagues will have the name meaning in their public notes
-With the other language names, the foals are named with a combo of the parents names' meanings.

-I can do custom characters that aren't too difficult, if you're fine with free linearts. The price will depend on the difficulty of the character. Just PM me for more info or to order.
-I may also have some characters I wanna sell, so you can PM me if you want to buy a character and I'll tell you if I have any to sell.

My Deviant / Midnight Gunslinger
My Weebly / Midnight Outlaw

Note: I am currently locking all my horses besides the 0, 1, and 2 year olds until the market is profitable enough to continue my breeding programs.

Clear out: currently clearing out my Arab herd, most have Western stats, and at least one flaxen gene (Ff) and many have rabicano or sabino as well. Can be found in the SALES division. I am also clearing out my Thoroughbred herd, Western stats, many have splash, sabino, rabicano, colours are cremellos, smoky black, buckskin, palomino, and 1 or 2 chestnuts.

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Midnight Outlaw's Horse Divisions
Artillery A (Appy’s, Arabs) LOCKED 47 horses
Not trained today
Back Alley Secret Sales 0 horses
Dawns Destriers (Clydes and GV’s) LOCKED 78 horses
Not trained today
Dwarf Devils (Chincoteagues & Welshes) LOCKED 29 horses
Not trained today
Mountain Masters (Morgans an Mustangs) LOCKED 60 horses
Not trained today
The Shenandoah Valley (TWH & TBs) LOCKED 24 horses
Not trained today
Young Gunners (1 Year Old) 5 horses
Trained today
Young Gunnest (0 Year Old) 1 horses
Trained today
Young Guns (2 year olds) 15 horses
Trained today

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