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"Dutchie lover"

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I may be locked up here and there while I figure out this whole being a doggo owner and school and whatnot. Thanks for your patience!

Update: Farewell, sweet Equiverse

Welcome to Ðemure!

My name is Jenna. I'm in my 20s, a veterinary assistant/vet tech student by trade, and I live in Colorado. My brands include:
Ð.Dutch Warmbloods (Show Jumping)
Ǥ.Gypsy Vanners (Driving)
¦Pipe Dream Paints (Western)
Existing prefixes on horses I purchase from established breeders will be preserved and preceded by GV. W. or SJ.
Breeding | Stallions and mares are listed for 1-2 public breedings around age 17 and have a personal breeding around age 19. I generally prefer fewer than 3-5 foals per horse. Public stud prices are kept relatively high to discourage overbreeding. I generally raise the stud price after each breeding and discontinue around a maximum of 5 foals.

Pedigree | I tend to avoid overbreed and inbred (first page pedigree) horses. Overbreeding ruins herd diversity and should be limited.


Dutch Warmbloods | I strive to avoid grays, and my absolute favorite color is solid black roan.

Gypsy Vanners | I am shying away from grays, bays, and tobianos, although I will accept tobiano with appropriate stats and conformation or rare colors. I strive for cream, dun, and splash genes.

Paints | I absolutely adore the breed art. Color breeding TBD.
I'm a member of the Dutch Warmblood Club! I'm a member of the Gypsy Vanner Club! I'm a member of the Paint Horse Club!

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