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Ûµ Pegasusdreamer Ûµ

"computing is hard."

Hi all! 

I'm Pegasusdreamer! You can call me pretty much anything, but I prefer Pegasusdreamer or Pegasus. My prefered pronouns are she and her. In real life, I have three cats called Millie, Merlin and Jessie. I also have three fish. Two are minnows and one is a danio. As you can probably tell, I love animals XD I used to go horse riding but I've stopped now :( When I am older, I'd like to be either a veterinarian or an animal behaviour therapist.

In the game, I mainly breed Paint horses but I might start some more breeds soon. 

I think that is enough about me! Thank you for visiting my page :)

Pegasus' art corner!

I do art using FireAlpaca. Keep your eyes peeled for any of my art sales!



50k EVD or 1 EVC


50k EVD - 100k EVD


1 EVC - 2 EVC


-Custom: 1 mil EVD


20 EVC


300k EVD - 1 mil EVD


6 EVC - 20 EVC

Large art:

100k EVD - 1 mil EVD 


2 EVC - 20 EVC



Snowball tag sale


No sig sales at the moment.

Custom Characters:


Art Passes:

I own art passes from:

Tornado Ellie

My art pass holders are:








To do:

Snowball tag recolours for Dani.xo and Sessa

Egg adult charrie for Rhiannen 

Next round of Eggs

Send foal charries to everyone

Art I own:

(All dressage tags were made by Cielo)

Comet - made by buck for 50k


Willow - made by Jasmine for free, can only be gifted.

Eddie - made by Jasmine for free, may only be gifted.


Pepsi - made by Wey for freeeee, may not be sold.


Sooty - made by GWG for 30k


Stella - made by Wey (foal of wey's strawberry and my Comet) for 30k


Lavender - made by megansparrow for 50k

Inka - made by Tornado N’ Ellie for 50k

Unnamed - made by Jasmine for free, may only be gifted.

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