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"People who do not understand your silence will never understand your words."

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ABOUT ME: Hey, I'm Ducky #90651. Welcome to my stables! I'm a breeder of Shetlands and lots more. Feel free to send me a friend request, or just a random message about anything. c: I enjoy climbing trees, swimming, and staring at my computer. :3 I also play piano and enjoy talking about music with other people. Thanks for coming! I'm a member and admin of the Shetland Pony Club, come and join us!!     Daisypath Valentines tickers PitaPata Dog tickers Daisypath Easter gifts tickers PitaPata Dog tickers
Horses: I breed Shetlands mainly for stats, but I go for kind of all three, color confo and stats. For my Mustang (I only have one at the moment, and I may never get more) I kind of go for color, but I  can't really make a note on that because I only have one, lol. Anyways, I breed Andalusians for confo and stats, Gypsy Vanners are kind of all three SCC [Stats, Confo, color] and nothing at the same time, I'm not really going 'deep' into them currently. Lipizzaners, I go for stats - kind of. Just a little bit. Quarter Horses are in the same area, I'm not going 'deep' into them, just like Gypsies and Lippis. Trakehners are kind of a new breed to me, I recently started breeding them. So I never really thought out what I'd breed them for, lol. But, I kind of go for stats and confo. As far as Chincos go, I do color, mainly. Sort of stats too. I only have on Morgan, and I don't plan on getting more in the future. But, you can't see in the future...... Anyway, I just like his color and that's why I haven't sold him already lol. I also only have two Appys, I may even get more later on. Not now though, I have what seems like every breed on here, of course I don't. I plan on thinning out my herd soon-ish, but I can't really make any promises. But when I do I'll probably have Appys be one of the breeds I do keep, and get more. Now, I should stop ranting about the future now and get back to it. That being said, I'll go on. Welshes. I have like one or two, [I honestly don't remember] so There kind of SCC horses like some others. Okay... last one. TWHs, [aka Tennessee Walking Horses] I just suddenly got into, and I breed them for color and stats mainly. So, that was certainly enough ranting on about my horses for one day, don't you think? 

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