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Hey guys!

I'm Ducky #90651. I am a friendly person, and always except friend requests. I really like talking to people, whether it's answering questions asking questions or just talking in general. 
I am the owner of EQHA! Also admin of SPCThe Chincoteague ClubGGEJG, and TCC.
My best friend happens to be a plant. I play piano. I like ducks, and Star Wars. I am a bit of a horse addict and love all of my precious little ponies. I am a fairly chill person, usually. 
I do a tiny bit of role playing. 
I bite off more than I can chew a lot unfortunately.

You'll never need to worry about me not being very active on EV - I'm on all day - the only thing you'd need to worry about would me being too active lol.

I am extremely active in the forums. If you're selling something and you made a post about it you can guarantee I've seen it already. But you're still welcome to message me advertising if you want.  
So that's me... in a nutshell. But one more thing- I like any and all messages, except for spam messages. Chatting, needing help, just questions, rants, I read and love it all. And I would be happy to talk with you or listen to rants.

If you want to be my friend you can!! I except all friend requests, so go ahead and push that button!

I consider myself lots younger than I really am, and enjoy sweeping, climbing trees, ranting, and animals! I especially like rodents. Rats, mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, squirrels and chipmunks - so just about all rodents I find fascinating (and adorable).
I do digital art, although I'm fairly new and don't have many art sales yet. I plan on making more once I'm better, though!  

All my current art threads: character  Ð

To do:
Whimpering Pony tag recolors (Valencia 6, Luminescent 1)
Custom Characters (Valencia, Io)

Rules for owning a Ducky character:
- You may not sell for more than you paid
- You may make small changes, minor add ons and such
- Keep all credits on the image
- Ref revamps are fine, as well as RPing, breeding, & Selling. Although if you sell or breed the character, you must notify me as I may want the character back, and I'd like to know if it got any foals
- You may use on some other sites, although it depends on the ones so message me first and ask me and tell me the site. And if you get art for the character on a different site I'd like to be notified.
I breed Gypsy Vanners in Driving for color and stats, Chincoteagues in Show Jumping and Endurance, Andalusians in Dressage for stats, Shetlands in Driving for color, a few Morgans in no specific discipline for brood, QHs in Western, Welshies for color, and Overo Appaloosas in a few disciplines.

Feel free to message me about sales/studs/broods etc. with my horses even if they aren’t up for sale/stud.

(Welsh Key:  = Racing -  = Dressage -  = SJ)
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