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Hey guys!

I'm Ducky #90651. I am a friendly person, and always except friend requests. I really like talking to people, whether it's answering questions asking questions or just talking in general. 
I am the owner of EQHA! Also admin of SPCThe Chincoteague ClubGGEJG, and TCC.
My best friend happens to be a plant. I play piano. I like ducks, and Star Wars. I am a bit of a horse addict and will often breed 3+ horses every day. I am a fairly chill person, usually. 
I do a tiny bit of role playing. 
I bite off more than I can chew a lot unfortunately.

I am extremely active in the forums. If you're selling something and you made a post about it you can guarantee I've seen it already. But you're still welcome to message me advertising if you want.  

If you want to be my friend you can!!

I consider myself lots younger than I really am, and enjoy sweeping, climbing trees, ranting, and animals! Rabbits, dogs, horses, donkeys, parakeets, ducks, chinchillas, mice, alpacas, sloths, penguins, hermit crabs, raccoons, tigers, panthers, leopards, whales, dolphins, owls, kangaroos, black bears, seals, and a whole lot more that I'm not going to mention!
I do digital art, although I'm fairly new and don't have many art sales yet. I plan on making more once I'm better, though! :D 

All my current art threads: tag character character

Any horse in either one of my 'empty' divisions are just where I put horses who's breed division is locked. For example:
Say I have a horse in my foals division, and it turns three. But it was a Shetland, and I have my Shetlands division locked. Then I'll put that Shetland in one of my empty divisions. That's what they're for.

Shetlands and I go way back. My first horse was a Shetland, and my first foal was a Shetland. I breed them for discipline, color and stats. 
On the old EV, I had amazing colors but I began to branch out so now I don't have as great ones, but we'll see.

First off, I love the Chinco lineart. 
I breed them for color and discipline (Endurance).
I only have two right now, but I plan on getting more soon. (If you have any good ones, PM me about it)

Gypsy Vanners:
I am not a super experienced Gypsy Vanner breeder, because they're not one of my main breeds (like Shetlands) so they aren't fantastic. 
I breed them for stats. I have them in Driving and Dressage.

Quarter Horses:
I breed QHs for stats and color. 
I have mine in Western, but I don't breed them in a certain discipline, but Western is common and lots of people have Western QHs so I guess that makes sense. xD

I have recently started with tekes, and I think I like it so far. :)

I'm not sure what I breed them for yet, but only time will tell.

I ONLY take them in Dressage.

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