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"busy life, taking a hiatus"

UPDATE: I'm going through a little rough patch rn so all art is on hold for a little.

I've been checking in to collect bank internet and whatnot, and I'm slowly working at tags for the Penguin tag, and have started sketches for customs so I will be continuing, just nothing will be posted yet as I'm only on for like 5 minutes a day rn. thanks all for understanding!!

Updated: (8/8/2018) 

About Me
+ I love fantasy

+ I have this obsession with pirates

+ I'm half addicted to Netflix

+ pm me if you want to get to know me more, I'm too lazy to add more here

+ My DA
+ I own a nUtElLa forever art pass
What the art pass includes:
~2 Free recolors on every tag sale!
~1 Free recolor on every sig sale!
~1 Free CUSTOM character a month!
~20% off ALL purchases of my art (excluding tags.)
~Surprise gifts for your preexisting characters!
~Notifications before every sale goes up, and the option to claim flat sale characters before they are even posted!

+ I own a Michaella forever art pass

ART: pm me c:

my characters

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