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"You don't know you're beautiful..."

Hi, thanks for coming! At ThingsWithWings Stables, I breed Miniature Horses for stats, Mustangs for confo, and Chincoteagues and Shetland Ponies for color. I am currently expanding my barn, and working on improving and clearing my lines; each horse is given a background and registered to the appropriate club for their breed as soon as they turn three. I'm an Admin of the Miniature Horse Club, PM me with any suggestions for a way to improve the club or an idea for a contest. I've been here since 2015, and am always open to answer a question, accept a friend request, or just chat, so go ahead and send me a friend request or PM! I love reading, roleplaying, drawing, digital art-ing, and writing, not to mention being on here with all you amazing players!
About Me

I love birdwatching, reading, writing, roleplaying, drawing, and digital art-ing, not to mention being on here with all you amazing players!
 Examples of my art


I just got this amazing layout from Kala, and I'm in love with it already!

Changed my name from PoniesStars to Dragonfly
Icons by Bronzehalo from DeviantArt, coloring by me

    PitaPata Horse tickers
Coding by Kala #89252

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