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"Andalusians, Paints & Quarter horses!"

My horses are bred for higher performance stats while maintaining lower nss and bettering conformation. Their lines are chosen specially from newer/not "over bred" lines. 

Studs available to a limited amount of approved outside mares:

I firmly believe that one should be given the chance to improve one's own lines with the help of "better statted and/or conformation" outside studs or broodmares. I also firmly believe that mares should NOT be bred before they are at the very least 15 EV years old. So when you request a covering from my stud, your mare's age will be more of a determining factor than her current stats/conformation  🌸 

**When purchasing a horse form me, please do not change his/her prefix, I would appreciate it if this could stay as an indication that the horse was bred/trained at my yard.
Breed prefixes:

Andalusian: ♫ MLA

Paint: 🌸 MLP

Quarter Horse: ღ MLQ

Broodmares available


None at the moment

 Quarter Horses:

None at the moment

Paint Horses :

None at the moment

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Thank you UlyssesBlue! =D

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