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Hello people! My name is Cheyenne and I'm 18 years old. I live, unlike most of you, not in the States, but in a small country in Europe, the Netherlands! I still have a year and a half of high school, and after that I want to be a vet.
I don't own any horses unfortunatly, but I do ride a few times a week at a local stable.
Want to know more? Just mail me! Don't worry, I usually don't bite...


I'm not very active with horses around here, but I am pretty active on the forum, or at least, I try to be... So... Not much to tell haha :')


There is something I absoluty love to do, and that is digital arts! I'm pretty active with Gimp and post thing here and on my dA account. Wanna take a look?

Some of my best work!




My topics

Topics I'm active in


There is one thing I like just as much as horses, traveling! I also love taking pictures, some of these are available as stock. This means you are allowed to use them for certain things. You can find these stock pictures, along with te rules in my dA gallery. There is also Some animal stock, mostly horses.

A few of my traveling pics(not stock)

And a few stock pictures!

For more, see the link above to my dA page!

Thank you for visiting my page! If you want to chat, have questions or whatever for me, do not hesitate to mail me! I'd like the company :D


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