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Coral Creek Stables


Coral Creek Stables offers public boarding, novice arenas for every discipline, and a riding school!


Currently, we work with two main breeds - Gypsy Vanners and Quarter Horses. The GVs are specialized in Driving, and the QHs in Western. Our focus is on solid coloring and stats, and we strive for good conformation as well. They are bred at 18, 19, and 20 years old (ages tomorrow).

No Cull Project 

Coral Creek is taking part in the No Cull Project, started by Sonoma. You can learn more about this project by reading the original post by #66116 here. 

Riding School Horses

Our riding school horses are all geldings. The majority of these were purchased at the rescue center. They are up to date with vet check ups and shoes and are given daily treats. We pride ourselves on our riding school geldings and their care.


If you are interested in purchasing one of our horses, please check out our sale division! If there are any available foals/horses from our breeding program, they will be located there. Horses not located in this division are not for sale.

Thanks for visiting! 

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